Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another false flag? MH 17 likely downed by a SU fighter jet about 20 miles south east of Gorlovka

This could almost be a smoking gun of the false flag attack with respect to MH 17. Some five hours after the loss of MH 17, the Ukrainian Security Service published a recording of alleged pro-Russian military officers led by commander Bes, who is based in Gorlovka (Horlivka), allegedly confirming that they shot down the Malaysian Boeing 777.

The video was uploaded about 5 hours after the time of the plane's crash--20:16 PM local time.

The video tape claims that the call took place at 16:40 local time. But the plane was lost between 17:15-20 local time.

Moreover, and even more importantly, as the log of the video shows (see the photo), it was actually made the day before on June 16 at 19:10 PM:

The first alleged recordings are at 16:40 and 16:33. Apparently local time. At the alleged 16:40 (still more than half an hour before the plane was supposed to crash), a person in the taped conversation claims that the plane was shot down "about half an hour ago." At 17:10 the next call is made that is telling about allegedly finding a first casualty.

Now, it is true that legendary commander Bes is based in Gorlovka. But Gorlovka is some 30 miles from the crash site in Grabovo. A Ukrainian officer was later quoted that the self-evidence has allegedly a battery of Buk missiles 15 miles way from the crash site, which still put it some 15 miles away from Gorlovka. According to the tape, the site which was supposed to fire the missile is identified as a "block-post of cossaks" in Chernokhyne near Debaltzevo, Lugansk, which is about half way between Horlivka and Grabovo but further to the east away from the line between these two places. But blockposts are  not exactly positions to be equipped with Buk missiles.

Now what is also interesting is that July 17 MH17  flight was the FIRST ever flight which Ukrainian air controllers diverted directly over the Donetsk People's Republic away from its usual routes which avoided both the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics either to the south or to the north. Not this time. On the previous routes of MH 17 see here (scroll down the page).

Furthermore, Ukrainian air controllers made sure that the flight goes directly--precisely over Gorlovka (, which happens to have the legendary self-defense commander Bes with whom the Ukrainian secret services have a whole history of especially acute animosity and accounts to settle. His name or codename is also one of the best known and most recognizable among the self-defense commanders right after Strelkov, Babay (who is now away), Mozgavoy and Khodakovsky. So, clearly, the Ukrainian junta also wanted to pin the blame not only on the resistance as a whole, but also on a specific person with an established name and fame.

And what are the chances that out of all the places Ukrainian air controllers would send the plane just over Gorlovka and right by a place where they claim to have a knowledge about Buk missiles being stationed there? (Can anyone find any Buk missiles near Debaltzeve?)

From the trajectory is then also clear (unless self-defense did have a functioning Buk missile system and, despite the expertise which is needed for operating such a complex system, they could not distinguish and recognize a big civilian plane) that MH 17 was almost certainly not shot by a Buk missile, but that it, indeed, had to be a Ukrainian fighter jet some 10-20 miles south-east of Gorlovka.

In fact, self-defense has its own tape of a conversation of an unidentified Ukrainian jet pilot in the area exactly at the time when MH 17 was shot down. It is here: 

Thus, if this was, as it looks, a setup and a false flag, special operation, one may also ask what plan, if any, there was about with respect the place where the aircraft would be crashing down. It is possible that the idea was that a successful hit would make the jet disintegrate in the air. However, with a big plane like this one, that's not likely. In this respect, another good question to ask is how far is the crash site from the nearest Ukrainian position. That would also be good to know.

Another interesting and relevant piece to the puzzle of MH 17 downed south-east of Donetsk: on July 15, the Kiev regime suspended its flights over east Ukraine after losing a plane. But then, in the afternoon of July 16, Ukrainian troops resumed flights of military aircraft over Donetsk and Lugansk, and especially over Saur-Mogila, which is relatively close to MH 17 crash site, a spokesman for the Ukrainian national security service reported. The flights were suspended on Tuesday after the downing of a transport plane in Lugansk Region. The resumption was confirmed by militia sources, which said airstrikes were being delivered near Saur-Mogila Hill in Donetsk region. The next day, July 18, MH 17 was directed by Ukrainian air controllers over the very zone where Ukrainian military aircraft were operating.

Sources closed to the Novorossyia armed forces believe that MH 17 was indeed shot down by a SU jet fighter whose pilot was most likely a Polish mercenary. The fighter jet was reportedly at an altitude of 7-10 km. Earlier reports from multiple sources were saying that MH 17 was "accompanied by a pair of fighter jets." The range of Buk missiles is otherwise about 2-15 miles. 

In other news, Strelkov dismissed "humanitarian corridors or ceasefires" for any investigators of the crash of MH 17--the crash site is on the territory of the DNR and no extra security arrangements to get there are needed.

The aforementioned Novorossyia source alleging an involvement of a SU(-27?) jet in the original: "По поводу сбитого гражданского судна: маршрут самолета должен был пролегать через небо Крыма. Диспетчер, сознательно или помогли (неизвестно), сменил маршрут. Цель ясна - провокация в отношении России или Новороссии, попытка обвинить в международном терроризме. Однако, увы, те буки, которые были захвачены ополчением, годятся только для буксировки машин, да и то не грузовиков - это спасибо УВС. Самолет был сбит сушкой с высоты 7000 по 10000, и согласно радиоперехвату, в паре шел диалог на английском языке. Уже давно не секрет, что в небе над Новороссией летают не летчики УВС: Коломойским были выписаны летчики из Грузии (21 человек) и есть польские наемники (им хорошо знакомы советские самолеты); также известно, что переговоры в эфире поляки ведут на английском языке, поэтому очень высокая вероятность, что за штурвалом самолета-убийцы сидел наемник."


  1. No, the video WAS NOT made the day before. That is incorrect metadata, likely due to bootleg encoding software or OS. If you go to Pravda.RUs channel, THEIR videos posted on 7/17 ALSO show an earlier date than possible. You can go & download these videos & see for yourself.

  2. Exif and Metadata never lies. You could easy removing or changing them from pictures, but from the mp42 video is impossible. If stands 16. july, than is made in 16 july. To do something to change that, you have to change computer time. So, this person or persons who created that video, created it day before crush.

  3. German Aircraft engineers have confirmed that the shrapnel damage is consistent with an air to air missile not a sam.

  4. It is becoming clearer to the already obvious fact that the Kiev junta had planned,executed & timed this event to blame Russia. I believe plan A was,but if that was not possible plan B would blame the Donetsk,autonomous regions and then the propaganda was already set to frame certain individuals on the junta's hit list and also pulling Russia into the mix with all western media especially the zionist Murdoch tabloids that instantly put all blame on the Kremlin and targeting Vladimir Putin directly in it's propagandised assault.As the Kremlin carries out it's investigation or facilitates and waits for the facts on the ground before laying any blame.This in itself speaks volumes about the policies and tactics of the west especially as at the same time it's "leaders" or infiltrators slaughter women and children in Gaza! The US was the only country to vote 'No' in the UN to-"The inquiry that will look at "all violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and the occupied Gaza Strip in the context of military operations conducted since mid June," according to a statement from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.' With abstensions from the UK,France,Austria,Czech Rep,Montenegro & a few more shameful zionist controlled countries. Russia voted 'Yes' which shows in these examples that it does not subscribe to this zionist unipolar world being forced upon us all!!