Monday, July 21, 2014

Russian Ministry of Defense's Game-Changing Revelations about the Downing of MH17

A major announcement from the Russian Ministry of Defense was aired on July 21 (many thanks to Simon Hozyainov for the timely alert).

Here is the full, possibly game-changing briefing by the Russian Ministry of Defense-both in Russian and English. A brief, incomplete version is also here.

Besides the Ukrainian army deploying in the region 3-4 Buk batteries, I take the most important revelation to be a documented fact of a Ukrainian military jet being around the Boeing 777 just at a time of its downing with the Ukrainian fighter jet come as close to the Boeing as 3 km.
The military jet started suddenly gaining altitude on the radar right at the moment when the Malaysian plane was hit, which showed on the radars as a sharp drop of its altitude and speed: within a minute the Boeing's speed dropped to 200 km/h. The military jet remained in the vicinity of the Boeing at this moment for at least another 4 minutes.
The military jet is believed to be a SU-25, which can briefly climbed up to 10km and can shoot air-to-air missiles with a range of up to 12 km with a basically guaranteed hit of the target within 5 km.
At the moment when the Boeing 777 was hit, it was within the reach of not one, but two Ukrainian Buk batteries, as can be seen on the graphics presented by the Russian Ministry of Defense.
One of the Buk missile batteries was moved specifically on July 17 to a new location in the village of Zarochenskoye only 8km south of Shakhtyorsk, which is right by the crash site of the Boeing. The next day, this Ukrainian Buk battery was removed the area.
The other thing: the video with the Buk battery released by the Kiev regime, supposedly showing the NAF moving the battery "back to Russia" was made in Krasnoarmeysk and is showing Ukraine's own Buk battery. I know that a number of people already established that, but it is again confirmed in this briefing. The junta lied about their evidence against the NAF and Russia from the very beginning (with the various mutually self-refuting and inconsistent taped "conversations"). The video with the battery with one of the missiles missing is yet another big instance where the Kiev regime was caught bluntly lying big time.
Importantly, the presence and deployment of Ukrainian Buk missiles within the range of MH17 was previously denied both by the Kiev regime and the White House.
During the hours of the passage of MH17 over the DNR, the space was moreover under surveillance by an experimental spy US satellite the task of which is monitor missiles on the ground and their launch.
I am sure that the statement of the Russian military command will be now widely available and, hopefully, will help tank the anti-Russia media and info campaign launched by the US, NATO, and the corporate media.
This is also confirmed by local witnesses who both heard and some of them also saw a military jet in the air with the Boeing.
And here is also an astute observation from Before It's News, yet with another proof of the presence of a military jet right at the moment and right above the crash site (thanks to Brian Souter).
Right after the crash, the Ukrainian government issued denials of any Ukrainian Air Force activity on that day in the region.
In this briefing, the Russian command also disclosed that they were able to detect flying objects in the area above 5000m. If there was a launch of a Buk missile, which would need to reach an altitude of 10 km to strike the Boeing, then very likely the Russian monitors would have picked it up.
The strange sudden deviation of MH17 over the DNR 14 km to the north of its path identified in the briefing appears to me as a last second order to reroute the plane in order to keep it longer in the zone. The deviation prolonged the time of LH17 in what then turned to be its kill zone for about two critical minutes.

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