Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What is the price of saving the Moloch of capitalism from itself? And if it is war, how big a war does it take?

Ukraine is now ruled by pro-fascist billionaires. How much do they value an ordinary human life? You think?

On June 26, Western/European leaders will gather to "commemorate World War I" in Ypres. The strange thing is that I don't recall the EU or the West to have special official commemorations at such a high level--moreover, I don't recall when heads of states want to commemorate world events on the WRONG date: World War I started on July 28 and the Ypres chemical attack happened on April 22 (1915).

On June 27, Poroshenko is supposed to sign off Ukraine to the whim and pleasure of the EU through the Association Agreement, which is as good as signing off one's soul to the devil.

On the same day, the West is also supposed to adopt a firm and most likely aggressive, hostile and punishing set of policies against Russia.

So, if we add all this up, it appears that the architects and builders of the New World War, who have also gone earlier on record declaring that Russia has been sinning against it, decided to tied up the first best known weapons of mass destruction attack of the modern time with a World War, the crisis in Ukraine, and a new Drang nach Osten or a new anti-Russian campaign, which can easily, I repeat, easily spin out of control and plunge not only the world economy, but mankind itself into an abyss. And not because Western leaders love mankind or freedom so much. No. Because they love power, profit and status incomparably more than mankind or lives of millions, as the 20th century and its two world wars and many other conflicts have already sufficiently convicted them.

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