Sunday, June 8, 2014

Saving Private Russia

As Gazprom is readying to sign a check with billions in discounted gas for the fascist dictatorship in Kiev, it can no longer be discounted that the other hand, possibly Putin's own, is writing off Strelkov and thousands of his comrades in arms who are defending Russia itself from NATO's "hybrid war" by the "Ukrainian" proxy.

Such is the jest of the statement issued by Igor Strelkov, the commander of Slavyansk, today; according to Strelkov, Putin has through his inaction torpedoed the momentum that carried the birth of Novorossyia.

"8.6.14. 19:45. I specially went to put down a few lines (good, we still have a lull while the Ukr-Army is bringing up a resupply of fresh rockets). Repeatedly I've read assertions reading "why should Russia help those who did not want to fight for themselves?" Others thought that 90% of the population Slavyansk are merely sitting at home ... they tried to call my name in vain, saying "thus spoke Strelkov."

So I consider it my duty to explain the following: 1. If we had weapons in abundance, only militia in Slavyansk would have numbered a few thousand fighters already. 2. If we had the opportunity not only to arm soldiers, but also provide them with clothes and shoes and also financially support their families at least at the level of the average local salary (after all people have come to risk their lives), then Slavyansk would have already had a division. 3. if we had logistical support (for a fighting army, it is absolutely necessary), we would already have achieved mobilization of tens of thousands of soldiers ...

My previous appeal was not for Russians, but the people of Donbass and it has reached its intended goal. Now a lot of our volunteers have no weapons, no shoes, no uniform, so you cannot use them.

That sort of assistance that is trickling from Russia was needed a month ago. Then it would have brought a great success. Now it barely helps us survive, but gives us no chance to turn the tide in our favor

The clumsy machine of the Ukrainian forces is now run by competent guys from overseas (though I can imagine how they rage and "climb the wall" because of their slowness and screwing up). And these guys are driving with sticks the half-broken machine forward--to erase and wipe us off from the face of earth. And with the other hand they are throwing the Kremlin teasing crumbs in the form of "a partial payment for gas" and "negotiations." And days become weeks and weeks become months. And there is no real help, and the early potential that was there in the beginning is now all lost. The twig is being bent and bent, it is cracking, but it still holds. If it breaks, it would be late.

Help from Russia is needed as the air. We are ready to die in the ruins of Slavyank, but with a firm belief that our dead and wounded under the artillery fire, to which we cannot respond, has not been in vain!

Those who are busy arguing about the unreasonableness of assisting southern and eastern Ukraine badly lack in my view the experience of digging tranches under fire in Semyonovka.

By the way, the assistance which we could have received from Russia as a way of de facto recognition of the Donetsk People's Republic is too late already. The question now stands simply: either we give them our guts or we receive direct military assistance. Otherwise, columns of refugees covered by us are bound to show up sooner or later on the territory of Russia. That is, those who would make it, of course. The army of the Kiev regime is after still an army despite all its drawbacks and not irregular militia, like us.

The whole misery consists in the fact that the Russian government is still looking upon us as "a rebellious part of Ukraine" and not as a vital first defense of Russia itself! And this means that the Russian government thinks that it does not have the right to help Russia itself--with all the ensuing conclusions."

From other post also from June 8 by Strelkov:

"Advisers in the Kremlin have pushed the situation to a point where Russia faces a dilemma without further alternatives: either to give up Novorossiya completely or to fight for her in earnest. There is no third way left any more -- all the other alternatives have been successfully благополучно wasted in the last month and half. Understandably, to us, defenders of Slavyansk, the second option seems the only possible one--the life of our soldiers, their families and their neighbors depends on it. But it is possible that Moscow is of other opinion." 

Igor Morozov, a member of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation, gave a quick interview to Anna News on the same day, June 8, when the Kiev junta started shelling Slavyansk no longer with individual Grad rockets, but with whole loads of them. On June 8, Strelkov also issued his two candid statements presented above. One almost has a feeling that Morozov's call for a hastily arranged late damage control attempt  ... perhaps just because of the Russian government's belated awakening to the awakening wrath of the Russian people: 

1. the Russian government thought that Poroshenko's first decision as the new "president" would be an immediate ceasefire, which did not happen.
2. "it is now (just now?) clear that violence (from the Kiev regime) will continue."
3. In this situation, the Russian government does not have an intention to pursue negotiations with the Kiev junta.
4. still hopes that through the EU a gas deal would be made
5. in the light of the Russian government's indecisiveness, Morozov is asking the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics for being determined
6. while, "because of the international difficulties," the Russian government cannot officially recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics
7. but Russia is willing to consider and perhaps eventually also provide humanitarian assistance and have some working contacts
8. Russia is concerned about the humanitarian situation.

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