Thursday, June 5, 2014

Do I feel exceptional? No. Because I don't suffer from Ubermensch complex.

The Kiev junta and its faux-democratic Western sponsors tried to bury the Odessa massacre of May 2 under a mountain of lies from the very moment the massacre was taking place. Yet, however, they would want to deny it, gloss over it, justify it, or conceal it, the criminal act of burning alive and beating and hacking to death dozens of unarmed protesters and civilians (altogether over 100 at least) exposed the fascist character of the oligarchic dictatorship in Kiev and the rotten core of its Western patrons. Politically and symbolically, the massacre is also the death of Ukraine as we have known for the last 23 years. This too is a fact that no can run away from.

With respect to the massive lies and deceptions deployed by the Kiev junta and its Western patrons from the very beginning, the attached video of a report by Ukrainian 1 TV channel bears self-condemning testimony. It shows the fascist paramilitaries (called here "Odessites") proudly signing the Ukrainian anthem (which does sound like a funeral song) right at the moment when the horrible crime, mass slaughter, is taking place. In the running text at the bottom of the screen, a message, basically a call to murder, is constantly being repeated. It reads: "Prosecutor's office informs: ANY ACTION done for neutralization or detention of the Kulikovtsev-terrorists will be considered as lawful." As everyone understood without further saying, the message from the "law and order" authorities of the regime itself sent right during the massacre was saying that ANY murder of any of the antifascist is not only pre-approved, but that it also needs to be done at that very time. On the video, you can also see the Odessa police, the police of the junta, shameless standing by just as the massacre is unfolding and going to last for several hours into the night. The police is guarding the fascist thugs and, as seen on other videos, trying to remove the corpses of the victims which the thugs pass to them so that people would seem to merely "disappear."

Tomorrow, on June 6, Obama and other heads of faux-democracies will be pontificating on a beach of Normandy over D-Day from World War II, when the world stood up to fascism, when, in reality and their other daily business, they are "leading from behind" the new Banderite oligarchs and fascists in Ukraine in their bloody attempts on lives of any antifascist dissent and any antifascist patriots in Ukraine. And, while doing so, as Obama told the world just few days ago at West Point, he feels incredibly "exceptional"--"through every fiber." The fact is that many, too many Americans do still feel very, incredibly exceptional about this too.

It is assumed that exceptionalism is chiefly a matter of pride. And the more of such overbearing pride there is, the more one contracts one of the seven deadly sins. And not just one of them. For they come together. One entails and leads the others along. And both philosophically and psychologically speaking, the "seven deadly sins" are actually seven steps and ways of deadening one's soul. The death of the soul kills empathy and destroys conscience. It makes humanity inhuman. It numbs the sense of shame and justice. It is this checkered base (i.e. Brzezinski's so-called chessboard, which has nothing to do with the civilized and non-violent game of chess, but much more with the "chessboard" occult symbolism) on which fascism, both old and new, is also rearing its head and raises from within. Fascism always lacked and lacks many things, especially empathy, compassion, a love and respect for other human beings who are not within one's clan or herd. But fascism never lacked its sense of pride and exceptionalism or its utter numbness to what matters most--the awakened soul and human spirit from which the dream of exceptionalism tries to exempt itself at the cost of wars, deaths, destruction, and pathological self-flattery and lying.

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