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The shameless splendor and misery of East European political prostitutes

When Hobbes constructed the modern liberal state, he called it Leviathan. For medieval scholars, Leviathan was still known as one of the Devil's persona, which secular liberals are too smart to realize. And the little secret of modern political thought, which is usually as literate when it comes to symbolism as an atheist when it comes to the soul, is that Leviathan is essentially Jaws of Hell. 

In this respect, as Naomi Klein already observed, neo-liberalism shares much with shock therapy, that is to say, with an attempt to clean, cleanse, wipe out and clear the mind of man and societies on a gigantic scale. In a word, neo-liberalism is not just an economic theory and politics of a beast of prey (where the prey is humanity), it is also a preparatory, cleansing ritual. It prepares the way. What this way is being prepared for is now most visible in Ukraine. 

Is Ukraine in Chile or is Chile in Ukraine? Recently, the Wall Street Journal discovered that this might, indeed, be the case if you ask a common person from the one "exceptional nation" the exceptionalism of which Barack Obama "feels with every fiber of his body." If I recall correctly, the average geographical deviation from where Ukraine is was some 1,200 miles ...

I've been fond of a Czech joke that ran something like this: Two soldiers standing in a valley are looking on a map and one of them is saying to the other, who is apparently an officer: "Sir, according to this map, we are right now on the hill over there." 

ChristopherR. Hill, former US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, was US Ambassador to Iraq, South Korea, Macedonia, and Poland, a US special envoy for Kosovo, a negotiator of the Dayton Peace Accords, and the chief US negotiator with North Korea from 2005-2009, stated that, by refusing to submit to NATO's will over Ukraine, Russia has betrayed the New World Order, which has held for 25 years. Hill also added: "In the United States, the media often point out that most Americans would be hard pressed to find Ukraine on a map. They don’t need to." According to Hill, Americans just need to follow and support the policy, and knowing more about the issue (i.e., who and where is to be killed) is undesirable.

In our today's practice, this is like saying that the US is a democracy or that the fascist junta in Ukraine are non-violent democrats and peace-lovers. So "peaceful" and "non-violent" that they are willing to burn dissidents alive on a massive scale, as they did in Odessa on May 2. Or these "peaceful" fascists love to spray a city square with cassette bombs as they did in Lugansk on June 2, 2014: 

Or like most of the Americans who have "the right idea about what needs to be done in Ukraine" ("the right thing being agreeing with Obama, Kerry, McCain or Hillary) as long as they are also unable to locate Ukraine correctly on the map of the world, as the World Street Journal has recently discovered.

Or like CNN that just placed eastern Ukraine in Pakistan ... while also claiming to know "what is the right thing that ought to be done."

If one trusts the mass media presstitutes, then one's mind is also taking a walk somewhere "out there."

The fact is that neo-liberalism as well as new fascist used Latin America as their testing ground for decades even before the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall. One of the results is that resistance to neo-liberalism and new fascism is also almost a generation ahead in Latin America than elsewhere and that the socialist left is currently both strongest and politically most mature in Latin America. 

At the same time, it is also worth noting that the Empire was using its experience and methods from Latin America for the privatizations" and "liberalization" of the 1990s in the former East. One of the links is, of course, Jeffrey Sachs (besides the Green Berets and others). John Walker, the head of the OSCE mission in Kosovo was an expert on death squads and false flag attacks and he played a key role in the so-called Racak Massacre (a local defeat of KLA fighters turned into civilian martyrs) as a trigger for the bombing of Serbia. 

The hands that supported numerous right-wing, para-fascist dictatorships in Latin America also include, among others, Elliot Abrams and John Negroponte, leading experts on death squads, a technique of fascist terror borrowed from Nazi World War II playbooks.
The transplant of the death squads back to Europe started with the Kosovo War in 1999 and, as an extension and update of GLADIO program, fascist paramilitaries (the Right Sector, Donbass battalion, the Nationalist Guard, etc.) are back with a vengeance on the battlefield of Ukraine. However, from 2011, these death squadrons in the forms of al Qaeda affiliates, clones, and terror networks have expanded to large armies in Libya and Syria, but also in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere.

As a result of the transfer of these colonization methods, much of Eastern Europe has been, indeed, "Americanized"--but not Americanized in a sense of making Eastern Europe a copy of the US itself, but in the sense of Americanizing Eastern Europe more in accordance with the templates used by the Empire in Latin America. Till the crisis and the engineered regime change in Ukraine, Kosovo was the most extreme and vivid example of this transformation. Now the leading place goes to Ukraine and its fascist oligarchs and putschists.

Dimitry Yarosh's Right Sector strategist and right hand Borislav Bereza of the fascist Right Sector formulated the fascists' "harsh, but honest" plan regarding the population of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics:

"What I am going to say is harsh, but honest. The situation in the east has reached a critical point. Having a dialog is not feasible. Mercenaries from Russia arrive every day. Their numbers are getting to a critical point. Considering the current number of Russian mercenaries, the military is guaranteeing successful execution of the operation in 30 days. ...  Phaze one - a location is surrounded, through loud-speakers population is notified to leave the territory in 1-3 days, after which all remaining will be declared accessory to the enemy. Terrorists who want to surrender and lay down arms, will have that opportunity. People will be escorted through sorting camps. This can be done fast and effectively by installing a large number of criminal laboratories, and by separating women and children. Plus appearance of marks consistent with use of weapons and belts will help identify separatists.  Phase 2 - the city will be subject to massive attack with heavy weaponry. Phase 3 - repeat phase 1. Phase 4 - repeat phase 2. Then - the final phase of the operation. Targeted strikes of the city, followed by demo-machinery. You will say its harsh? It's absolutely necessary." 

The fact is that the Kiev regime has deployed much of it needs to carry out just this kind of assault. Only the final nod from the White House is needed, which means that the command might have been already given. My guess is that the most likely time for unleashing this would be during Putin's trip to Normandy or around that time.

Czech President Milos Zeman tries to sit on many chairs at the same time and, in a while, he happens to stumble upon the old, proverbial Czech quality ("bet on the Czechs to have the guts to tell it like it is"). So this happened even to Zeman when he said that, "while Stepan Bandera is seen in Ukraine as a national hero, the fact remains that he was a mass murderer."

Still the truth is that The East European political and cultural elites are some of the worst sycophants known to mankind. They are in such great love with themselves so that, when they are selling themselves and their own countries, they still think that it is part of their cleverness and high society status. And it is also because these elites are so treasonous and spineless that fascism is capable of staging its comeback now when, in Europe, nearly any notable genuine revolutionary forces have been reduced at best to embarrassment, if not to something much worse.

So a little bit of enlightenment about the misery of today's Czech politics can exemplify this. 
Logic according to an adviser to Czech President Milos Zeman:

"When we are talking about Russia and NATO, the real question is not whether NATO is moving closer to Russia's concerns. For this would require a long analysis whereby everyone agrees and eventually agrees to the same conclusion again and again. So, instead, I'll give you a counter-argument: Is it not that the Russian Federation is moving closer to the borders of NATO?" It's just simple physics and logic, which always thinks th same not matter what reason says or what argument is presented to it. Two Czech types are remarkable: 1) Czechs who cannot help but rebel and 2) Czechs who cannot help but serve no matter what.

Former Czech Foreign Minister, close ally of Havel, and a close runner-up for President, Karel Schwarzenberg on Pussy Riot

„I admire you [Pussy Riot] a lot. Keep it up! Thanks to you Russia is winning back its dignity and freedom. We are all thinking of you [perhaps also about the frozen chicken between the legs]. I am trying to support them, because those chicks are really amazing. I really admire them."

And, yet, the nations of Eastern Europe do display at times some degree of self-determination and independent thought, the which Western and also "local" media and politicians try to stomp out. Czech protectorate media writes that those who were killed in the Trade Union building on May 2 were "radicals" and that they started the violence. The Czech Republic is not a free republic. Its politicians and media write and talk from the scripts. Because they like to read from them and they are also paid to do so.

According to a poll of Czech public opinion, 72% of Czechs believe--despite their political elite and the massively Russophobic media--that eastern Ukraine should join Russia, and only 11% support the "anti-terrorist" actions of the Kiev regime. 17% believe in the idea of federalization.

Yet, the fact remains that Eastern Europe has ideologically, culturally, politically, and morally regressed. And it has been "Americanized" to the likeness of neo-liberalism, which, as Naomi Klein already noted in her "Schock Doctrine: Disaster Capitalism," does require sooner or later terror for its upkeep. 

The key question remains whether East European nations will be able to awaken in sufficient numbers and actively enough before it would be too late for all of us.

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  1. Для России вовлечение в войну- вещь в высшей степени тягостная, но нужно помнить, что на Украине сложилась экстремальная ситуация, когда русские, считающие себя украинцами (а украинцы-это де факто те же русские) натравливаются преступниками-империалистами , прежде всего американщиной, на русских не считающих себя украинцами. Это преступление, которому нет достойной кары! И как бы России не было неловко применять на Украине военную силу- это нужно сделать для того чтобы пресечь геноцид русского народа!