Thursday, June 26, 2014

If ISIL is ISIS, then the US tries hard to be ISIS's Osiris

Statements by Western (Imperial) politicians, media and pundits on Iraq and ISIS are amazing in their refined, sophistic hubris, hypocrisy, and schizophrenia (in the old sense of the word).

When one reads them carefully, one can see that they effectively admit that the US and ISIS do have the same strategic goal: "the destruction" or redrawing of the destruction of the Sykes-Picot Treaty borders of the Middle East by war, violence, and terror, and especially by means of al Qaeda/ISIS:

William Bradley of Huff-huff Huffington Post: "That birthing process, which involves the destruction of the Sykes-Picot Treaty lines of 1916 -- one of the most important express purposes of ISIS -- is already in its final stages. And what we are seeing emerge is something not at all unlike what then Senator Joe Biden called for in 2007, a de facto partition of the Iraqi state essentially created by the secret World War I deal by France and Britain to dismember the Ottoman Empire and create new imperial spoils in the Middle East.

And, in order to accomplish that, they also admit that they don't really mean or intend to hit ISIS--the key instrument of this violent makeover:

"So what should we do going forward? ... Will [the US actions] lead to Iraqi government forces winning back the vast swathes of territory lost to ISIS? Probably not. .... Make diplomatic overtures to more moderate Sunni groups and leaders, and avoid where possible the causing of non-ISIS casualties, even among groups participating with ISIS in military offensives."

In a word, the US is supposed to strike against ISIS by "avoiding non-ISIS casualties, even among groups participating with ISIS in military offensives." In a plain language, this means that the US is going to avoid strikes against ISIS period. For this is the only way in which to avoid casualties of the supposed non-ISIS fighters fighting among ISIS.

On top of it, the US does effectively admit that its allies, hence by extension the US, which is allied to these, are behind ISIS: "[It would be nice to] urge our Gulf Arab allies to halt their dangerous game of funding radical Islamist outfits."

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