Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ukraine: The 1st and last "revolution" of billionaires for the sake of EU bureaucrats

A pearl from a long necklace of Poroshenko's inaugural speech:

"The dictatorship that ruled Ukraine in recent years sought to deprive us of this prospect (Europeanization), and so people rebelled. [And it was a] victorious revolution of dignity…." 

So, according to this mythology already authored by Poroshenko's ghost writers in the West, Ukrainians "rebelled" and launched a supposed "revolution of dignity" for the sake of a 1,400 document which I bet 99,999% of Ukrainians never even read and which is a dictate handed down to them by EU bureaucrats who, if faced with a real revolution, would have thought that heaven is falling. We are also to believe that Ukrainians revolted against Yanukovich's rather belated refusal to sign on a wholesale eclipse of Ukraine's industries and much of 60% of Ukraine's exports which are dependent on Russia. Ukrianians paid some $100  a month had so good that they rose as one man so that they impose on themselves more of IMF austerity and let in European subsidized agricultural products and much of the world's nuclear waste. All this just of dignity and because they were dying to be "Europeanized."  Or Uran-USS-pee-natzinized?

When a real antifascist revolution is gathering its force, the regime of "dignity" burns dozens of proudly antifascist people alive and then sends against others thousands of fascist private death squads paid by oligarchic pigs. 

How many smart people did Ukraine get when they think that billionaire Poroshenko, who already sat on many chairs under Yushenko and also under the very same Yanukovich, is some kind "revolutionary" leader or that Joe Biden, the Ukraine President seated in Washington D.C., is some kind of corporate "Che Guevara"?  

In his inauguration speech, Petro Poroshenko made one and only reference to Odessa, the place of the most single massacre in Ukraine so far with more than 100 unarmed anti-junta protesters killed by fascist paramilitaries with assistance of the junta police:

"I am deeply impressed with patriotism of citizens in southern and eastern regions, from Odesa to Kharkiv."

This sounds and looks much like an all but loud thank-you note to the fascists for the massacre.

John Roble comments on this Poroshenko's Odessa statement with these words: "Clearly a sly wink to the Right Sector here. He dares to mention the patriotism he has seen in Odessa but again fails to mention the over 100 people burned alive and brutally murdered there. Obviously it is the patriotism of the brutal nazi murderers that he is impressed with. That message is clear." Robel also adds: "Dear reader I have no words to describe to you how filled with disgust I am in having to even read this stuff but it must be done for the fascist monsters in Kiev are literally getting away with murder and re-writing history as they go along."

The fact, which brings out the utterly criminal nature of Ukrainian oligarchy now beholden to fascism and to the Empire is that these pseudo-, fake revolutionaries have made lives of Ukrainians so cheap that condemning now so many of them to death by unleashing a civil war and fascist terror is an offer which they found it impossible to refuse. In part because the Empire--and hence their Western puppet masters--has assured them of blanket impunity. 

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