Friday, June 27, 2014

Empire's Wisdom: Most people need a moral reason to do something bad (so did the Empire run out of moral pretexts?)

The US has been trying to manufacture a number of regime changes around the world, and the situation might be at last reaching a point when yet one more attempted regime and yet another fiasco and mayhem might be "one too many"--even for greatly advanced cognitive dissonance and deniers of reality.

Every time the US tries to sell yet another regime change (or "nation-building), that is, intervention to end all resistance to the New World Order, it tries to whip up moral outrage and self-righteousness. But now with the attempted regime change in Iraq against al-Maliki and with the "sudden" explosion of the ISIS, a terror death squad turned into an army and a quasi-state, Washington is finding itself not only on a thin ice, but also in some sort of a potential American Spring and its own imperial meltdown--with no credibility and hardly any moral ground left to stand on.

That's perhaps also why, at the very moment which was supposed to whip anti-Russia hysteria to a maximum, Obama suddenly decided that he wants Americans and the world to see him as an ordinary "just-like-me" guy, who bravely dares to push against Ann Coulter's anti-soccer fundamentalist stance:

As the caption by the picture also tells us, besides destroying one foreign country at a time (one regime change too many), Obama has also come to recall that there is also such a thing as midterm elections, and the rituals whereby oligarchy presents itself as "representative democracy" would have to be reloaded again.

And so much of the trick, being rather simple, consists in this: "I am just like you. I also like to watch soccer on my TV, and just like you I also like ISIS in Syria and just like you I am also surprised when ISIS funded by the Saudis comes back into headlines and just like you I believe the new Kiev regime is as democratic and moderate as ISIS allies in Syria. Just like you ... I believe all these things."

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