Saturday, June 21, 2014

US to Poroshenko: "You are in charge, but don't touch the controls!"

Poroshenko's "peace plan" and "ceasefire," which was declared to last from 10 PM on June 20 till 10 AM on June 27, has been actually very instructive for it introduces several notable possibilities since, as it turned out very quickly, it does not mean a fxxxing thing: 

1) Poroshenko does not know what he is saying; 2) Poroshenko does know what he is saying, but it means absolutely nothing since all the real power remains as before in the hands of the Committee for Nazi Terror ("Public Safety") made by Parubiy, Avakov, Yatsenyuk and led by Geoffrey Paytt, the US Ambassador to Kiev; 3) Poroshenko knows what he is saying, but, except for Western media, no one in Ukraine, including the junta, listens to him or takes him for anything but a talking figurehead, thus alternative 2) still applies; 4) Poroshenko does not know what he is saying--perhaps much like Jen Psaki--and, on top of it, what he says does not mean a fxxxing thing, again just like in Jen Psaki's case; hence alternative 2 still applies; 5) Poroshenko is lying big time; and because he is a liar and also the US choice of Ukraine's president, he is given a place at the table of the Central Committee of the Ukrainian Protectorate; or 6) but because he is a very bad liar, alternative 2 still applies.

Any of these alternatives, however, also make Poroshenko badly incompetent for any genuine peace talks.

This too reminds of an old Czech joke (but a different one), which ran something like this: A specially trained man flies into space with a even more specially trained ass. The specially trained man gets to read his instructions: "Feed the ass, but otherwise let the ass do the rest--above all, stay clear of the controls!" 

Or like in the real life case of Shannon Lucid. Recounting what the two Russian cosmonauts told her every time they left the Mir space station for a spacewalk, 1996, famously recalled their friendly advice/instruction as follows: “You are in charge, but don’t touch the controls.”

Poroshenko's "peace plan" might also be the leftover piece from a moment when the US tried to sell Russia a fraudulent deal of "keeping" Crimea (for now) in exchange for letting the junta wipe out east Ukraine before proceeding with the rest of the business: storming Crimea or even pushing on Moscow itself with what might have been in several months a Ukrainian half-million army aided by NATO with all the accompanying threats and bluffs some of which has already been used.

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