Monday, June 2, 2014

June 6, 2014: Perverse celebrations of the 70th anniversary of D-Day tucked under GLADIO and PAPERCLIP

D-Day coming: Should Putin step into the snake pit or should he stay and take care of his people who are under the most serious attack since World War II?

France invited Poroshenko to attend the 70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy. This year, the anniversary will be mightily strange: former World War II allies are now supporting resurrected Banderites and pro-fascist oligarchs in Ukraine against Russia with which they fought against Nazi Germany in World War II. Now they are unequivocally behind the fascist dictatorship in Ukraine established by the February 22 coup which they financed and helped organize. 

So how do you commemorate antifascist struggle in this situation? By falsifying both the past and the present and taking for granted that people are dead and blind.

A fascist voice from Kiev (Olga Melnikova): "Anyway almost all the ww2 soldiers, fighters and victims arealready dead, why do we dance on their bones?" This is one of the voices which Poroshenko, the new president created out of the farce of elections on May 25, represents. 

After the waves of the Kiev regime's indiscriminate attacks on civilians (one of which can be seen on the video here .... very graphic content, so be advised), it is hard to see a point in or justification for President Putin's trip to meet with the Western club of G-7 and Poroshenko in Normandy for the celebration of D-Day. This very Western club is backing precisely this type of actions (including the Odessa massacre) and Poroshenko's junta is carrying out the campaign of terror the purpose of which is creation of hellish chaos and making again (after 70 years) Ukraine and beyond safe for fascism. 

It is all but guaranteed that the West and the junta will make sure that they will step up terror, slaughter, and violence to make Putin's forthcoming trip to Normandy look at least as an indirect acquiescence in and bowing to this very terror, slaughter and violence. 

Moreover, there are high chances that June 6 (or close to it) has been chosen as the date for an all-out massive assault by the junta on eastern Ukraine ... with Putin, Russia's commander in chief spending time abroad. Something similar the West tried to pull off on 08.08.08 with the attack of Georgia on South Ossetia, which was unleashed on the day of the opening of the Olympic Games (traditionally a time of peace or truce) in Beijing. In other words, there can be no doubt that the West and the junta will try to set up Putin politically and otherwise and to have him pay the greatest possible cost for going to Normandy and accepting the Machiavellian invitation from his sworn enemies ... at a time when what we have now looks much like a D-Day inverted or in reverse--a joint fascist and US invasion of Russia's "near abroad," actually, very near abroad .... right by Moscow (merely 400 miles away).

Poroshenko himself cast his ballot with the obligatory Banderite shouting: "Slava Ukraine!" To which the crowd dutifully responded, as programmed: "Geroyam slava!" The cleverness of this brain-washing trick was well described by Noam Chomsky:  "To derail concern over whether you should 'support their policy,' the PR system focuses attention on whether you 'support our troops' [... on] meaningless words, as empty as the question of whether you support the people of Iowa. That of course, is just the point: to reduce the population to gibbering idiots, mouthing empty phrases and patriotic slogans, waving ribbons, watching gladiatorial contests and the models designed for them by the PR industry, but, crucially, not thinking or acting." (Noam Chomsky, "Post War Teach-In," Z, Apr. 1991) In other words, a slogan is devised, against which it is difficult to object, yet the performance of which requires that everyone repeats--much like everyone in Banderite Ukraine is supposed to jump while shouting "Who does not jump is Russkie" ("Kto ne skache, toy Moskal!") Essentially, the same technique of changing personality is used in initiation rituals: a performance of something stupid or bad becomes a form of consent for things even stupider and worse to a point of selling one's soul without even noticing on the way of becoming a beast-groupie.

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