Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Ceasefire" the junta's way: "We prefer to burn and shoot defenseless people"

1. "Ceasefire" in the Ukraine clearly means continuation of the war as before--no matter of how often such "ceasefire" was announced or promised.

2. However, even RT continues to call the continuation of attacks on the Donbass "ceasefire." Everyone is free to figure that one out.

3. Russia failed to call the Kiev regime on the blunt and massive violations of the ceasefire (in the real sense of the word "ceasefire").

4. "Ceasefire" is not simply a continuation of the war by the same means--by war, violence, and terror. The junta is in the final stage of ever growing buildup and resupply.

5. While the ability of the Western politician and the Western media to pretend that something is when it is not and that something is not when it is is nearly infinite, Moscow cannot assert for that long that Poroshenko's promises mean 1) either nothing at all or 2) something entirely different than what the words say.

6. In this situation, if "ceasefire" means what it means currently, it would be easy to make or declare "peace" in a similar way--in the Roman imperial and Orwellian way: peace would be war and the objective of such "peace" would be to make first a desert out of the Donbass and then, after the junta's would have been trained on the shooting range of the Donbass, the Kiev regime, as advised and ordered, would try to march "with ceasefires and peace" unto Crimea or perhaps even taking a short-cut via Moscow itself.

On June 24, Vladimir Putin said this: The decision to take back the right to send Russian troops to Ukraine as a way of assisting the initiated peace process is premised on the expectation or condition that the rights and freedoms of the people in eastern Ukraine will be safeguarded and guaranteed.

The position of the West: The Kiev regime is perfectly democratic and constitutional, and there are no Nazis in Ukraine or, at least, no Nazis should be worried about unless we choose to paint Putin and Russia that way. Actually, what happened in Kiev ought to be a model for which Russia itself ought to aspire.

Now, if I may chime in: the elementary fact is that fascism and Banderism are by definition and by their nature incompatible not only with any rule or law or constitutional order, but above all with basic political rights and freedoms of anyone. Fascism is the doctrine of radical inequality; fascism yearns for redividing people into new masters and slaves. In this regard, the only right which fascism effectively allows is the right of death.

In addition, Putin also made this point: To demand that self-defense disarm is senseless, for they remember the Odessa massacre. Without arms they would be burned alive. The putschists' various Banderite and fascist paramilitaries, which the oligarchs and their pro-NATO coup armed, would also need to be disarmed first.

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