Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Essentially Joint Ukraine-NATO MH17 Investigation Team Just Added Yet Another Significant Squeeze around the Neck of Putin's Colonial Regime and with Evident Help from the Latter

The JIT, the Joint Investigation Team, conveniently close to the International Crime Tribunal in the Hague and in its essence, setup and purpose a West and NATO-controlled “investigation,” which includes Ukraine as its member with veto powers and a non-disclosure agreement, restated with an ever more compelling squeeze of a systematically winding anaconda that the weapon which brought down MH 17 and killed some 300 lives was a BUK, which not just Russia-made, but a missile that was brought into Donbass by Russia—the Russian Armed Forces—where it served onlyone function—to destroy the civilian airliner. After taking down MH17, the Russian missile—emphasis on “Russia-owned-and-operated,” the BUK system was allegedly brought back to Russia. Explicitly, the JIT says that the rebels did it, but otherwise all else is now  pinned on Russia and specifically on the Russian Armed Forces, which means on the Russian government and thus also on the Russian Commander in Chief—Vladimir Putin, otherwise the “partner” in chief himself. 

In this regard, Moscow has officially limited itself from the very beginning only to the briefing of its Ministry of Defense made right after the incident and to a new report released just prior this latest JIT report, in which Moscow declared—contrary to the original information it provided and contrary to hundred of the witnesses on the ground--that no military aircraft was detected by Russia in the air in the vicinity of MH17. In between these two one-time actions, which included a set of rather rhetorical questions, which no one bothered to respond to officially and which Moscow itself did not follow upon in any noticeable way, the main thing which the Kremlin did was to hand over the black boxes into the hands of its de facto  and even declared enemies right away after they were found.

With this release of the new radar data admittedly taken out of the crucial radar right after the downing of MH 17 on July 17, 2014, as Moscow now says, Moscow shot itself (again) into the foot (or rather in some other part of its body) for it now claims that, according to this new Russian radar data/claims, there was neither any missile nor any military aircraft by MH 17, and that the closest was just another airliner only some 30km. As it is old, it is still amazing how Moscow dutifully plays what Washington strategists either wanted it to play or what they even prescribed to it. As a result, the strategic and political genius of Putin and the Kremlin resembles very much that of an alcoholic addict, doing the same not so clever and rather obvious "mistakes" and plunders again and again in an ever more catastrophic spiral of compulsion repetition of the same: "Can I have please one more bottle of the same stuff please?"

Russian arms producer Almaz-Antey announced it has handed over radar data [instead of doing it itself, Moscow has a company handing over Russia’s own radar data; clearly, Almaz-Antey could not be collecting military or civilian radar surveillance] on the MH17 crash inquiry. Moscow urged its international partners to share their relevant information as well.
Russia corporate group Almaz Antey, which is also a producer of the BUK missile system, announced it had handed over the relevant radar data on the MH17 crash to Russian law enforcement agencies.
In its official statement, the company said the data in question is “the so-called initial radar images of the airspace in raw form.” That includes the registration of movements in the airspace over Eastern Ukraine on the day when the Malaysian Boeing went down in the area.
On Thursday, the official representative of the Russian Investigative Committee, Vladimir Markin, announced that Russia will pass this fresh batch [this “fresh”???—fresh after two years?—see below] of information on the MH17 crash to the Dutch-led international investigators.
The spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zahharova, told journalists on Thursday that the move is crucial, since the information is “awaited by the relatives of the crash victims.”
"The move by the Russian company [Kremlin is hiding behind a company] should become an important and relevant example for all other countries and anyone who has any information in order to understand what happened two years ago in the skies over Ukraine," Zakharova said.
Almaz-Antey on September 28 ( made this strange revelation, which, from the Russian side, was directly contradicting the initial MoD briefing and the many witnesses’ acount about Ukrainian military aircraft in the vicinity of MH17 and the crash site (e.g.: “According to Almaz-Antey, memory chips from that station were replaced in July 2014, shortly after the tragic incident, and were discovered recently. Until now no raw radar data of the situation around MH17 at the time it was destroyed was thought to exist [really? BS]. … The data showed three civilian aircraft in the vicinity, including the MH17. The one closest to it was flying about 30km from the Malaysian Boeing at the time it was shot down. ‘The Ust-Donetsky radar picked up no foreign objects near the Malaysian plane which could have caused its destruction, said Viktor Meshcheryakov, the company's deputy chief radar designer.

Strictly speaking, the “new information” presented by Almaz-Antey would appear to rule out existence of both a BUK missile and military aircraft in the air as well; this means that the Kremlin has gone back to its favorite modus operandi in its colonial partnership with the West—meek protests worthy of a Bernard Shaw’s lady combined with the fallback mode of “playing stupid”:

The Russian military says it did not observe the flight of a missile from a Buk-M1 air defense missile system (ADMS) from the rebel-held regions of eastern Ukraine in the direction of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in July 2014, according to statements made by Andrei Koban, the commander of Russia's Aerospace Forces' Radio Engineering Troops, on Sept. 26.
According to newly released data, which was taken from Russian radar stations on the border with Ukraine, as well as information received by Russia's armed forces from the leadership of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (the DNR and LNR), the objects observed by Russianradar in the sky that night in addition to the Malaysian aircraft were twocivilian airliners and an Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle, which was made ofcomposite materials and was about 6 feet long.
"In comparison, the missile of the Buk air defense system has a length of more than 5.5 meters [18 feet], a diameter of 0.4 meters [1.3 feet] and a wingspan of about 1 meter [3 feet]. The missile is made of metal, has a large, efficient reflective surface in comparison with the unmanned aerial vehicle and is a target, which is easier to be detected by radar," Koban said.
The new statements contradict information the ministry released two years ago, said Alexander Khramchikhin, deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, in an interview with RBTH.
In 2014, the Russian military claimed, citing intelligence data, that they detected a Su-25 attack aircraft, whose armament includes R-60 "air-to-air" missiles, 5 km from flight MH17.
Later, Russian investigators said that they had received the testimony of a Ukrainian pilot, who confirmed the involvement of a combat aircraft in the crash.
More confusion
According to Khramchihin, the newly released data, like the previously released data, does little to clarify the situation.  
"Anyone familiar with the performance characteristics of the Su-25 and Boeing 777 knows that the two aircraft were unable to cross in the air," Khramchihin said. "The attack aircraft does not rise to the height of 10,000 meters and does not fly at the speed of a civilian liner."
He added that new information claiming that Russian radars could not detect a missile from the Buk-M1 air defense system if it was launched on the Ukrainian side has also raised more questions.
"The Buk's firing range is about 30 km [18 miles]," Khramchihin said. "There is no difference on which side of the aircraft a missile was launched — from the side of the militia or the units of Ukraine's armed forces. The distance is too small, and all can be detected by radars."

Russian radar has not detected third-party objects except for two civilian aircraft around MH17 crash site that could have caused its destruction, deputy chiefdesigner of the Ust-Donetsk Utes-T air route radar surveillance complex of the Research and Production Corporation 'Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant,’ a part of Almaz-Antey concern, said Monday.
Russian radars would have detected a missile that hit Malaysia Airlines plane if it had been launched from the area controlled by the Donbass militia, Konashenkov said. The Russian Defense Minitry said that the MH17 crash investigation is on the wrong track because the missile type and launch point are identified incorrectly.


So what does this mean?
·        When the de facto NATO MH17 report says that it was the "Russian missile," the claim and message is that "Putin's missile" killed MH17.
·        Publicly calling the Buk "Russian-imported" (read: "Putin's missile"), the MH17 team's claim notably changes the international and political status of Putin, Russia, Donbass and also negotiation position/strengh of Moscow.
·        The quasi-NATO MH17 team: "officially no one is accused," but 1) "the missile came from Russia" and 2) here is now a confirmed secret (possible indictment, warrant) list of 100 people (from Donbass and Russsia) to be possibly identified after  January 1, 2018 both as a gift and a binding/compelling order to the new US president--handing him or her Russia and Putin's head as if on a plate
·        The pro-NATO MH17 team continues to present Donbass rebels and Russia as international criminals, leaving a little apparent room for a “mistake” (until the cage is closed and locked at a possible tribunal). What deals on Donbass, Syria, Russia does this leave to Putin?
·        The "NATO" MH17 "investigation team" thus accuses rebels, but also Russia and Putin as commander in chief. The West is thus moving for the kill.
·        The more-or-less NATO MH17 team timed its foregone conclusion 2 years after the downing very carefully--and with Moscow's basic acquiescence.
·        The Kremlin played its part in the MH17 saga "without rocking the boat"-limiting itself to handing over the black box and a list of meek Qs.

Arthur Harley: Неявное предложение Кремля Западу договориться о том, чтобы дело о сбитом Боинге свести вничью ("сбили с территории украинской стороны, но кто именно - неизвестно, а официальный Киев не виноват и альтернативы Минску нет") закономерно провалилось.

И что интересно, Кремль в безумии своем, сам, своими руками похерил единственную правдивую версию об украинском истребителе. И даже если теперь, после демонстративного, простите за жаргон, беспредела голландцев, он захочет к ней вернуться, то я не представляю, как он сможет дезавуировать собственные солидные доклады, презентации и экспертизы, доказывающие, что лайнер был сбит ракетой с установки БУК.

Идиотизм украинской политики Кремля зашкаливает настолько, что я начинаю думать, что его серым кардиналом является Грызлов...

Japan now insists on Russia yielding to Japan not two, but all four Kuril Islands. A barometer of perceived Russia's degradation and weakness. Otherwise no peace treaty.

Премьер-министр Японии Синдзо Абэ заявил, что правительство страны усиленно добивается развития диалога с Россией, для того чтобы вернуть четыре оспариваемых Токио южнокурильских острова, передает РИА «Новости».

«Мы думаем усиленно вести переговоры с российской стороной, чтобы, развивая отношения в самых широких областях, включая экономику, решить вопрос о возвращении четырех островов и заключить мирный договор», — сказал он.

По словам Абэ, в декабре на ожидаемой встрече с президентом России Владимиром Путиным он намерен обсудить эти вопросы «в тихой обстановке» и добиться прогресса в переговорах о заключении мирного договора.

Ранее генеральный секретарь правительства Японии Есихидэ Суга заявил, что позиция страны о необходимости возвращения ей всех четырех островов южных Курил остается неизменной.

В совместной декларации 1956 года между СССР и Японией оговаривалась передача Японии Хабомаи (Малая Курильская гряда, которую в Эрэфии теперь называют по-японски - Хабомаи) и Шикотана после заключения мирного договора, но в документе не затрагивалась судьба островов Кунашир и Итуруп.

Donetsk authorities to the people of Donbass prepping for "Minsk elections": "We are all Ukrainian citizens. Ukranian Rada decides.

По словам Захарченко, задача кандидатов на праймериз – победить кандидатов, которые приедут на Донбасс из Украины, чтобы принимать участие в местных выборах.

«Победить тех людей, которые сюда приедут. А они приедут. Это олигархи, демагоги ...», – еще раз подчеркнул глава ДНР.
Как же быстро кремлины произвели подмены понятий ополченцев. Оказывается Донбасс умирал за это. За то, чтобы отобранные Кремлем кандидаты( вы сомневаетесь. что Кремль будет их отбирать?), победить присланных с Украины людей. А я дурак думал, что Донбасс поднимался за независимость от Украины. И за это ополченцы проливали свою и чужую кровь. Эти мрази кремлевские нам сейчас доказывают обратное. Желаю вам всем сдохнуть, поганые ублюдки!
Комментарий. Как же быстро кремлины произвели подмены понятий ополченцев. Оказывается Донбасс умирал за это. За то, чтобы отобранные Кремлем кандидаты( вы сомневаетесь. что Кремль будет их отбирать?), победить присланных с Украины людей. А я дурак думал, что Донбасс поднимался за независимость от Украины. И за это ополченцы проливали свою и чужую кровь. Эти мрази кремлевские нам сейчас доказывают обратное.

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