Saturday, September 17, 2016

Spelling out the historical role and function of Russian oligarchy and its Putinist regime: to degrade, debase and liguidate one's own country after having liquidated what the Soviet Union won in World War II and the Soviet Union itself and most, nearly all of its allies

El Murid: "One of the key objectives, which the Kremlin is actually pursuing in Syria, is to induce the US into cooperation [with Moscow]. The goal is thoroughly a PR one ... To achieve this Moscow has also embarked on yet another betrayal similar to Minsk, twisting the arms of Assad with the truce in Aleppo ..."

Not exactly. The role of Moscow is to continue to play a role of the faux, false opponent to Empire, while acting as its agent in denial whose role is to mediate the ongoing and now nearly finalized process of the dismantlement of the Soviet empire, its heritage, legacy and allies and to be also part of the transmission of this very same process and its finalization in relation to Russia, the amputated Russia of today. To help and cover, as possible, this process of systemic betrayal and self-liquidation is the historical and current role, the only role which Empire is allowing to Russian oligarchy, largely its (self)selected thugs, functionaries, managing the post-Soviet colony to the ground and out of existence

Moscow and oligarchy as such is thus not inducing much and has not the power to do so, even though their wish and desire was to have a place at the table with the masters of the universe. Now, they would not mind sitting at least in the ante-chamber among the most helpful servants and goons. As long as Moscow and oligarchy has still something, someone, to sell out and betray, they will not be completely "isolated" or themselves driven out of existence and will still have some role to play--this very role, that is--to sell, to betray, and liquidate one more country and people before being "allowed" to self-liquidate themselves at last as well, before this main and almost sole function of theirs is exhausted and runs its course. Till then, the Kremlin, with a special role reserved for Lavrov, which he played since the 1980s, is here to make an offering of Syria to Empire and its ("moderate" allies led by al) Qaeda.

The US has just officially joined the Turkish invasion of Syria, with Russia trying to jump on the wagon of this invasion force as well as its honorary member.

Putin, the Little (Petit) Gladio



El Murid: "Одной из ключевых задач, которую на самом деле преследует Кремль в Сирии, является принуждение США к сотрудничеству. Цель - сугубо медийная... Для этого Москва и пошла на очередное предательство по типу Минского, выкручивая руки Асаду с перемирием в Алеппо.."

A local administration ruled that new statue to Stalin who led the Soviet Union in World War II to its victorious end is "illegal," while the memorial plague to fascist Marshal Mannerheim who fought on the Nazi side against the Russians and the Soviet Union in World War II installed in Petersburg by the Kremlin is still deemed legal and is protected by their authorities and their security forces; it also hangs on the building of a Russian military academy.

Bust of Stalin ruled illegal and likely to be torn down

By The Siberian Times reporter
15 September 2016
Statue to Soviet dictator erected close to proposed memorial to his victims of political repression is labelled 'blasphemy’.

'The bust of Stalin that was erected today has been deemed illegal.' Picture: Denis Khanzhin
A row has erupted over the Stalin bust in the  city of Surgut where many residents are the descendants of victims of political repression in Soviet times. Yekaterina Shvidkaya, spokeswoman for the Surgut administration, said: 'The bust of Stalin that was erected today has been deemed illegal.
'A commission... has approved a place nearby for installing a monument to the repressed and the funds are being collected.' She predicted the bust close to the Ob River 'will be removed'.
Another group applied in May to erect a bust to the USSR's wartime leader.
Stalin bust

Stalin bust
'Erecting the monument here is blasphemy.' Pictures: Denis Khanzhin
A decision was taken that the dispute should be solved by a public council due to be set up after elections to the State Duma - Russia's lower house of parliament - on 18 September.
Despite this, activists created their own council that decided in favour of putting up the statue.

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