Thursday, May 12, 2016

We are living in Empire the condensed mirror of which is Disney and its laws

The first principle/commandment of the Brave New World of Disney (or McWorld): "The character [i.e. politician]can NEVER take off his or her mask."

1. A character can NEVER take off their mask. Even if they become so nauseous in their costume that they need to throw up, they've gotta do it right there inside of their masks.

Rule for the doubles etc.:

2. Characters will be fired if they're seen with the same character. You'll never see two Snow Whites, two Mickeys, two of anyone!
One former character performer opened the curtain to the same character she was switching out with once.

3. Cast members are not allowed to tell anyone which character they play.
According to a former employee, cast members who play characters can say "I'm friends with ____" or "I hang out with this certain character" but you can never say who you actually play.

7. Disney gives out a lot of free money. Disney Dollars are the official currency of the Walt Disney World resort, Disneyland resort, and Disney Stores in the U.

On many rides, such as The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios, cast members have monologues that must be given correctly to the last letter and inflection

8. Disney keeps notes on their guests.

That's right! If you're mean to a cast member, it's going on your permanent record.

13. "Have a Disney day!" If a cast member ever tells you to "Have a Disney day," you shouldn't be excited.

It's the cast members' code for "Go screw yourself."

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