Saturday, May 14, 2016

"Houston, we have a problem." The Kremlin is waking up to the fact that its Vlasov character and policies are now visible and much in the open, meaning the former capital and credit line of "trust" (or the efficacy of the mask and pretense) is much spent and exhausted

Trivial truth: oligarchic, Vlasov, mafia-based Russia has no chance to win Ukraine back. In fact, Russia's ruling oligarchy does not even want or plan to.

The latest Surkovian massive spin by propagandist Rostislav Ischenko is somewhat interesting. It presents a case of massive projection in which the troubles haunting the Kremlin and its traitorous Vlasov policies of a client are being imaginatively and seemingly creatively assigned to Kiev and its Maidan regime. In this, Ischenko still keeps playing his old tune--the "patience" of the West with Kiev is again just about to expire and run out; it is Kiev that is "sabotaging" the fulfillment of the DPR and the LPR surrender to fascist control. At the same time, Ischenko is now taking somehow for granted that the positions of the US, the EU and Russia on the Minsk deal largely coincide, while he paints Kiev as the one who, even in the eyes of Kiev's Western sponsors, does not behave, obey or listen.

The projection, which is Ischenko's Muse, shows up most clearly at the very end of his long piece. The need to pretend and try to save one's face meant that the Kremlin could not surrender the DPR and the LPR fast enough (though certainly it was one of the courses of action contemplated). In this regard, the Kremlin's deference to PR and cowardice helped the DPR and the LPR to extend their truncated existence. This in turn, as the Kremlin and Ischenko have now evidently come to realize, turned into protraction, that is, time, and during this time more and more people started to see and understand better not only the true meaning of the Minsk capitulation deal, but also the Vlasov, oligarchic nature of Putin's regime. In this regard, the Kremlin and Ischenko also began to see that time (giving more people to see the real reasons and causes of the current social and economic crisis and the PR fictions of Putin's genius) is not working for them. The space of maneuver is shrinking. Legitimacy is falling, if not collapsing. In this regard, the Kremlin's policies are no longer just destructive of Russia, but also more and more self-destructive for the Putin regime itself. To use Ischenko's own words addressed to Kiev, Putin's Vlasov regime "did not just commit a crime, but also a mistake which [for the Kremlin and in the Kremlin's eyes) is worse than the crime [treason, plunder, corruption, etc.]--the regime began self-destruction." 

Otherwise, in doing this, Ischenko happens to forget his, Starikov's and "Putin's clever plan's" previous lie that by surrendering the rest of heroic Donbass to the fascists, the Kremlin would somehow, as a result and by magic, win back "the whole of Ukraine." Now Ischenko several times in his text happens to confirm that, under Minsk, the DPR and the LPR were/are meant to go back to Kiev and be part of the otherwise anti-Russian and fascist Ukraine. Nothing is here at this stage left of the previous claim that the Kremlin "needs the whole of Ukraine" and, therefore, to get that, the DPR and the LPR need to sacrificed to the fascists to make that happen. Once old lies fall by the side, new lies are introduced, always betting on people having memory spans of Dora, the fish.

The key part, which reveals Ischenko's projection (attributing to Kiev's persona the Kremlin's own acute troubles) is especially this part: "in an open text it has been said to Kiev [read: to the Kremlin] that he has exhausted [spent, lost, squandered] the credit [capital] of [its former] trust [and credibility and its mask]."

The Kremlin began to understand this at last and, understandably, is upset and is seeking culprits--even among its fascist partners in Kiev or among Russian patriots who criticize the Kremlin for its anti-national Minsk policies which turn Putin into a Marshal Petain, the Little.

Putin's regime has robbed Russia and its economy even of its ability to maintain simple reproduction (salaries of $150 a month) can no longer even sustain the oligarchic thieves, their plunder and the continuous tributes and reparations paid to the West.

Throwing to the fascists the Russians in Ukraine as a bone to a mad dog can no longer be peddled as Putin's acme of patriotism and political move worthy of a world champion in chess.

"Киеву было открытым текстом сказано, что он исчерпал кредит уже не доверия, но терпения своих европейских партнёров, что у него остался последний шанс, чтобы начать срочно исполнять Минск и, что если он этим шансом не воспользуется Запад, в распоряжении которого «только десять маленьких минут» «раздевает с себя ответственность за жизнь Вашей светлости».

Такая жёсткая публичная демонстрация обычно обтекаемого Запада (который с Януковичем за два часа до его свержения и подготовленного убийства продолжал любезничать) вызвана не только раздражением наглым украинским саботажем, но в большей мере, пониманием того, что процесс распада Украины и отторжения от неё ДНР и ЛНР зашёл так далеко, что «десять маленьких минут» по сути уже истекли и «жизнь Вашей светлости» не стоит ломанного гроша.

Киевский режим сумел совершить и преступление (начав гражданскую войну), и ошибку, которая хуже, чем само преступление. Он самоизолировался и приступил к самоуничтожению."


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