Tuesday, May 10, 2016

On May 9, 2016, Lugansk dared to stick to the Red Star and not to trade the true symbol of the Victory for the Vlasov/Americanized White Star

Remarkable fact: In contrast to the Kremlin May 9 parade and its replications elsewhere (including Donetsk), the May 9 parade in Lugansk dared to stand out by having the original Red Star instead of the new Vlasov-like White Star placed on "St. George's [parade] ribbons." You may also note that the emblem of the Lugansk People's Republic does also contain and keep the Red Star.


This part of the May 9 Victory celebration in Lugansk is one of the compelling reasons to see the Lugansk parade as the main celebration of May 9 in Russia/Novorossiya:
If, in Moscow, Gorbachev, the Judas, was one of the guests of honor side by side with the Vlasovtsy pontificating with their stolen billions over the correct new colors patriotism repainted under a White, Americanized Star in the place of the Red One, Lugansk was the only place I know of where the Red Star was preserved, and the new white starlets were kept out.

Moreover, in Lugansk, the children were the key guests of honor. No Gorbachev asked to show up.

This was a true people's holiday (prazdnik).
The other part of the Lugansk celebration that carried and embodied this true Russian spirit and the spirit of Victory is this one (or, more fully, from 15:00-21:00; 41:00-1:05:00).

Moreover, having to give a credit where it is due, Plotnitsky also dared to praise and express his gratitude for the Victory to the "multinational Soviet people." Something you will not hear in Moscow from head of the present Vlasov regime.

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