Monday, May 2, 2016

Lavrov and Kerry spoke on the phone today--mainly about Syria, that is, about how to salvage the US peace plan with Russia's support attached to it; reportedly, Lavrov also added a brief mention of Odessa with a plea to have it investigated

Putin, great Russian faux-patriot, has passed the second anniversary of the greatest post-WWII massacre of Russians by Nazis in silence. Just as the year before.

Kerry called Lavrov
And they spoke
About how to pacify
Aleppo so it’s safe
For al Qaeda Lite
And al Qaeda “Moderate” ©.

Then Lavrov remembered
It’s the Second of May
And so he asked John
If someone in the universe
Might want to investigate 

And find out at last
What happened in Odessa
When people burned
--just before Putin dubbed
The Nazi regime legitimate
With Porky as its head.

That’s what at least the media said
About Lavrov and what he could say
To show the extent to which he cares
When hundreds of Russians are killed.
Not only so little, but rather as much

Lavrov is and remains briefly “concerned.”

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