Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Little note on fascism written on FB two years ago: May 10, 2014

Mildly put, that is, provisionally, fascism means martial law. For fascism is war on mankind and humanity. Moreover, under fascism, even martial law is no law. For, in fascism, force, power to kill, displaces law. In fascism, might is right. It is the "right" of Nietzsche's "blond beast," where the adjective "blond" means nothing, and the subject "beast" everything.
Fascism does not recognize humanity (here and there it can say some words about it to mislead). Fascism sees human rights as an oxymoron. For fascism, the only "real" right is the superiority of one's might to do anything, however inhuman and bestial.
As long as fascism is weak, as long as it is afraid, as long as it faces significant resistance, it tries to temporize, to camouflage itself, to lie, and even to "moderate" itself. However, it sees these disguises as chaffing restraints, enforced hateful compromises. For fascism wants to be what it is, to have and enjoy its absolute freedom of cruelty, inhumanity, and terror, and for this it needs nearly total, absolute power and hence also total impunity. And such total impunity exists only in the state of war or, rather, a certain very particular condition of war--in the sphere of the Hobbesian war against all.
That's also why, as Leo Strauss realized (against all the liberal apologists), that Hobbes and his Leviathan, this very foundation of the corporate state and liberalism, is the original fascist doctrine.
So that's also why what we have today in Ukraine is a fascist junta, which acts in the spirit and logic of martial law, which it does not even bother to declare (much like the US did not bother to declare any of its many wars after World War II to be wars). Laws, rules, and truth mean for the junta and fascism nothing. The only question, which concerns the junta and which matters for the junta, is with how much criminality and terror it can get away with. And that's also the "frontier" which the junta keeps probing and which it desires to eventually erase.

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