Sunday, May 8, 2016

Subtly, impiously, and cunningly, the Kremlin worked hard to displace the Soviet symbols of the Victory and the Great Patriotic War with a White Star, thus honoring the winner in the Cold War and the owner and handler of the traitors and the oligarchs

The anachronistic introduction of St. George's ribbon as the principal symbol of the Soviet Victory over Nazism in 2005 (there were no confessional/religious nomenclature in the Red Army and its rewards and medals) has been accompanied with a subtle displacement of the Red Star with a White Star, which, used together with "St. George's ribbon" is being superimposed as if on top of the previous Red Star, as you can see in the photo below. This new symbolism first used for new or contemporary weapons on the parade is now also used instead of the original Red Stars on the famous T-34s and other World War II era weapons.

Yes, similar black and orange stripes were used on the medal of Glory, but the ribbon today is not called the ribbon of Glory. It is called St. George's ribbon, which, at best, belongs to the Czarist army, which, as such, had nothing to do with the Soviet Union and the Red Army. And, yes, similar black and orange stripes were used for the medal of Victory, but these medals were allowed to be carried only by the actual participants in the Great Patriotic War, and the medal was never called St. George's.

Moreover, if you look at the new White Star (and the new anti-Soviet oligarchic regime is ideologically closest to Vlasov than simply to the Whites from the time of the Bolshevik Revolution and the Civil War) a bit closely, you can see that the White Star, while being a white star, does have a funny new twist to it or shape. It also resembles the letter A.

If so, the A would most likely symbolize an initial, that is, the first letter in a proper name. Here most obvious candidates would names of persons, slogans (or commandments) ... or countries. Well, what is the name of other Word War II winner who also won the Cold War in a way, which undid much of the gains of the Soviet Union obtained with so much heroism and sacrifice in World War II?

Or, to ask the way Brzezinski once framed it--if we owe the banks in which your oligarchs keep and hide their money, who, do you think, owns your oligarchs who nominally own and rule your own country?

Besides the letter A hiding in the open in the new White Star where the Red Star used to be, the new supposedly "St. George" symbolism" shows yet another twist. The star presented also as the initial "A" presents the A itself--as a delta or rather as a pyramid the upper portion of which is cut off, divided by the horizontal line from the rest. Where else does one see a pyramid that it cut off or divided in a similar way?

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