Monday, September 8, 2014

The Minsk "Ceasefire" Protocol and Russian Diplomacy's Masterful "Sabotage" according to Saker

If Flaubert achieved for me his acme with three or four simple words "She pretended to think," Saker reached his peak with this marvelous description of the politically and diplomatically atrocious "Minsk ceasefire protocol": "Knowing the degree to which Russian diplomats are normally maniacally fastidious and pedantic with words, I can only conclude that they have deliberately sabotaged this agreement and that it's sole use what to deflate the bellicose mood of the NATO summit."

In other words, the implementation of Putin's 7-point initiative was written so poorly and badly that Saker concluded not only that it must have been written by Russian diplomats, but that Russian diplomats must have composed the Minsk Protocol so terribly on purpose. For how could someone comparatively intelligent and reasonably well educated produce something so horrible and awful? One does not make something so bad by mistake. One has to be a master to be able to do that.

And why would Russian diplomats deliberately sabotage the document and made it so poor and thus making themselves appear as bad as the document they made? According to Saker, this was not because they had any intention to sabotage Novorossiya or its struggle, but because they wanted to sabotage "the bellicose mood" of NATO by appeasing NATO and its bellicosity with the sabotage of the ceasefire agreement.

And why exactly would NATO, receiving such awful provisions for Novorossiya, find its "bellicose mood deflated"? Because of being in awe of the horrible work of the Russian diplomats? Or just being stunned by it? Or because in some way this sabotage made their "bellicose mood" much happier and relaxed?

So does this mean that we have at last found the secret for deflating NATO and its aggressiveness--by sabotaging our own work, by promising to keep Novorossiya dissolved into several "special regions" for which the Nazis might at some point write their "Law" and run their "new elections"? Is it really by sabotaging genuine peace and actual principles that friends of Russia and Putin can appease, deflate and defeat NATO's intelligence and plans, which were decades in making, as Avakov said the other night?

Does this mean that the worse their work Russian diplomats do, the more they "sabotage," the more NATO will be deflated and the better and more effective Russian diplomacy is actually going to be?

I am just simply getting overwhelmed. So, in a situation like this, I think I need a drink or one or two. And after few more drinks, I must start to understand at last that the best strategy, writing, and thought, when it comes to such serious matters as the fate of Novorossiya and Russia, might be, as Saker teaches, that very bad and awful is better and even good!

Drunken with tears,

Yours Vlad, Czechmate


  1. It is with great interest that my wife & I, follow your twitter posts & your website. Yours were some of the most prescient comments on Crosstalk, and other places where I wish you could have talked more. I have yet to see the terrifically good analysis you expressed in person as well on your own posts, that spoke so well though, as of yet. I found the saker site also, he is incredibly good in words if perhaps his spiritual beliefs are somewhat a distraction, but so remarkably looking back at his posts from last winter, he seemed to have nailed it so well the course of events to now, with such enormous pessimism predicting the civil war, predicting precisely almost word for word, what would unfold.. As he said, he is a pessimist by nature, but now "cautiously optimistic". He seems to be saying there is a much bigger picture, and that nothing is written in stone, but forces for the forseeable future seem to be lining up toward the right (or should I say "left"?). I am hoping his cautious optimism is right, our nation here (we are from up north of you in Michigan), is really committing the worst possible errors having learned the worst possible lessons from this horrific past 20 years and the previous 50. I know that Mark Sloboda is also upset and pessimistic now as you, but knowing it is his very own family involved in the fighting, I can understand deeply, his own blood is at stake, their lives, their futures, and salvation is right there but not forthcoming. I'd say, we can not determine what happens there, only the spirit of those people, on one side, and the insanity of those on the other, are what we observe and objectively that nightmare unfolding for those poor people blinded by such utter stupidity, and those whose cause gives our lives meaning, fighting for all humanity on the other, those are the resilient factors and give us the greatest hope, as are people like you, who care so deeply... don't despair. The saker I think has it right, infighting is the biggest danger right now... your analysis of the upcoming junta election, which you never finished? is what can help most. don't despair what is happening behind closed doors from us right now... are going to be crucial and decisive...

  2. ps> I had a good explanation, much better, but it was just lost, as I became signed out, and it got erased... it was to the effect that this putsch regime that is being dealt with is actually literally nuts. They seem like the nazis at the end of world war 2, completely insane, out of touch with reality, and utterly believing in fact, their own fantasies and lies. likewise, the eurocrats are arrogant and naive perhaps in a way the aristocracy of europe, especially france was, in the late 1700's, completely out of touch with reality. So between a fascist comic book set of ridiculous idiotic characters in this putsch regime, which literally tell you what crazy ideas they have out loud, as you observe, literally saying "oh aren't we sneaky? aren't we clever? ha! ha! we really fooled them! wink. wink" when they are actually a mini version of arrogant, unable to comprehend their own stupidity, and thinking themselves superior more "cultured" than those uncivilized mongrels, just not able to grasp exactly how naive and stupid they actually are. this is a great advantage of the insurgency - they by contrast, have nerves of steel, are in fact their own selves, a commitment we can only admire and be in awe of. what is really important, it is so frustrating, but it is all are nearly all of it, happening behind the scenes. what is happening to hearts and minds, on the ground, what stupidity is occurring behind their crazy curtain in the "occupied lands" of empire controlled areas of banderastan (what nascent undergrounds, insurgencies, might be unfolding), do we have any real idea? Russia tried and tried to be measured, logical, intelligent, etc. etc. it got nowhere with the arrogant eurocrats, who look down their clueless noses, and obviously nowhere with the junta crazies. so throwing out the book of logic, try to get some dialogue, when in crazy land, throw out the book, and let crazy be crazy. I don't know if this helps any? perhaps an analysis of late 1945 nazi regime may be shows past is prologue...

  3. He did post to your very post here, you have noticed? It seems you question who he is, but he is telling all of us, in what he is revealing. He was in Washington DC, he used to be somewhere else, "legal alien", he is of another culture, his religion is posted, his background, hints of a spiritual transformation, he came here, thinking it to be something, finding it completely something else. He used to be against, now is not. He lived in Washington DC, now in Florida. He modeled war games, the symbolism of a saker, seems to be a reference to perhaps the intelligence community, his former job, what he learned, probably why he can not say.

    his transformation, is not at all an uncommon experience, in many ways. I had a professor many years ago, from Eastern Europe as you, , who went through an enormous awakening when he came to find that the ideas they were taught back home, actually made sense here, applied to this new society he as a dissident suddenly found himself in. He was the most trans formative to me professor or person I ever met as he fully got it, at least then. There was a spiritual awakening that occurred to the left though it did not get through to most "intellectuals", at that time, but it arose in indigenous countries to our south, then it echoed back to Russia, and it reverberates so coming full circle now.

    What Marx failed to realize, is that the most essentially human component of our existence, is our spiritual beliefs, they make us human, we are not essentially human without them. His own theory of alienation, central & most important to him, should have revealed that to him, but being of the intellectual tradition, despising his own religion, thinking it only a necessity in the face of "ignorance" rather than realizing it is actually what most defines us. Without it we are not human even if we don't realize it. alienation of what it is to be human, is the greatest problem of our time, which is a system based on a simple goal: the self above all others. all relations are a contract, not based on human bonds. it reveals itself ultimately in how the end product is production which completely displaces people, rendering them obsolete eventually, un-necessary as its final goal. At that point, the system necessarily has to collapse, and logically what then becomes powerful, unfortunately, is the centralized state, which will be the new spiritual battleground. but what exactly that means depends upon what is left of our most deeply spiritual beliefs. The logic of economics, means that this system will wither away uncontrollably though probably somewhat chaotically, or collapse catastrophically, through war, or ecological suicide. This battle right now is a lynch pin in that struggle, and I think we all deep down realize it.