Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Poll Inadvertently Reveals Some of the Political Reality under the Kiev Junta

Ahead of the early parliamentary elections, US and Ukrainian regime-change sociologists are becoming greatly worried--(again) only fraud and/or special provocation(s) can conceal reality and save the junta from it.

The popular support for the junta and the war is collapsing--hence the ceasefire is saving for now not only the junta's troops, but also the junta's political machine:

"After the steady rise of enthusiasm for war in Ukraine voter polls through the summer, Ukrainian politicians in favor of the military campaign against Donetsk, Lugansk, and Russia, have suffered a DRAMATIC LOSS of support across the country. This was reported in Kiev on September 3. In the first countrywide poll taken since the Ukrainian Army took heavy casualties and retreated from the Donbass at the end of August, voters who had supported the pro-war Radical Party, led by Oleg Lyashko, have dropped from 22.2% to 13.1%. Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk’s bloc, Patriots of Ukraine, which includes the police and national guard minister, Arsen Avakov, has collapsed from more than 9% to 3.7%. Yulia Timoshenko’s Fatherland party has fallen below her former proteges to 3.5%. The Svoboda (“Freedom”) party of Oleg Tyagnibok, the candidate of the US Embassy in Kiev and the State Department, and Pravy Sektor (“Right Sector”), the party behind the national guard formations fighting in the east, have lost virtually all their support outside the far western regions of the country; across the Ukraine they are now polling just 2.5% and 1%."

The poll conducted by the Kyiv International Institute for Sociology (KIIS) was "independently" (sic) financed and ordered by the US governments, the European Commission, "AND UKRAINIAN OLIGARCHS" (end of quote). So let's repeat that: the poll was financed "independently" and jointly by the US government, the EU, and Ukrainian Nazi oligarchs.

The polling was carried out between August 23 and September 2.

When the non-voters are taken out of the count--thus leaving out around 50% of the electorate--the KIIS poll reveals that 37.1% will vote for the alliance of Petro Poroshenko, elected president on May 25; Olga Bogomolets, the Kiev doctor known as the “angel of the Maidan”; Vitaly Klitschko, currently mayor of Kiev; and Yury Lutsenko, a politician who has been dividing his time between government posts and prison until he joined Poroshenko’s staff in June.

Also very important and interesting: "In polling during the second half of July, KIIS reported that support for Poroshenko was significantly weaker — running on his name alone, the vote for the bloc then called Solidarity was 11.1%. This trailed  .... Lyashko’s Radical Party which drew 22.2%, and Timoshenko’s Fatherland at 17.4%."

In other words, this poll TAKEN JUST BARELY TWO MONTHS AFTER THE UKRAINIAN "PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS," at a time when the junta was still winning the war, inadvertently reveals the realistic or more true-like actual vote support for Poroshenko who allegedly won in May with more than 54% of votes. HE IS GETTING HERE ONLY 11%!!!, which, indeed, sounds much more like it.

So in the face of collapsing actual political support, the junta either needs to be committed to further electoral fraud (not a big problem) or it could cancel the elections, which do exclude any real alternative to the junta politicians, or to introduce a state of emergency or launch another false flag attack, media/special operation or to score some great military success, after using the current ceasefire to its advantage.

Also note that the Right Sector, which controls together with other Banderite forces, much of the Ukrainian military and the police, remains around 1% in terms of actual public support.

The Party of Regions is politically dead as are the "communists" of Petro Simonenko.

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