Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Putin's Counteroffensive against the "Fifth Column": Lenin Is Responsible for Betrayal of Russia's National Interests and for Russia's Betrayal by Today's Bourgeoisie, Oligarchs, Liberals, and the Fifth Column

After the Minsk Accords, the struggle for Russia and the New World Order, which, as Medvedev told us in his recent Sochi speech, presupposes that Russia has no national interests of her own, has evidently entered a new stage where strange things are happening and many no longer seem to be how they presented themselves just a while ago:

On September 18, Evgeniy Fyodorov gave a new interview, in which, now in a visibly upset mood, he was responding to questions of his supporters and, more importantly, he tried to provide 1) the best possible damage control for the apparent political capitulation act struck in Minsk over Ukraine (and Russia) and to demonize yet more the legacy of the Soviet Union in order to pave the way to what is coming next:

"The fifth column has not won--yet. ... The Minsk accords stopped Novorossiya's offensive under the pressure of the fifth column and the US. ... 
Putin has addressed the Russian people many times, but the Russian people don't listen. That's why he is not going to explain his [Novorossiya] policy to the Russian people. Instead he is forced to talk to peoples of other countries like the Brazilians, the Venezuelans or the Chinese ... And so Putin has unfortunately to rely more on the Chinese people than on the Russian people. ... 
Lenin brought to Russia in 1917 an idea of the defeat of one's own country, Bolsheviks were foreign agents; the [communists] had never national interests among their priorities. Because of this, resources [in the Soviet Union] were not used for the well-being of man and people lived ten times worse off than how they should have lived. ...
We [Putin, Fyodorov, etc.] are now trying to restore the principles of the Russian statehood, which were uprooted in 1917 [and then again in 1993] ... And Stalin tried to oppose Lenin and purge the fifth column ..."

According to Fyodorov, the fifth column are not merely people, but whole institutions--institutions of the Russian government and state, starting with the Central Bank and ending with the Parliament. Russian Customs are also included.
What to make of this? In the light of Putin's own denunciation of the Bolsheviks in August, it seems that Putin's wing in the Russian political elite started a campaign against the communists and the left .... in the name of the struggle against the liberal fifth column. 
It was, however, the anticommunism of the 1990s that created the foundation for the oligarchs and the following (neo)liberal order, including its "fifth" column and what Fyodorov calls the current "colonial status of Russia managed from the outside--by the US."
For Fyodorov, the Russian state had the right constitutional principles till 1917.
Is this a big blunder or an incredibly clever political strategy utilizing the sophism of triangulation, the negation of the negation, confusion and chaos?
Too bad that Lenin has been silenced and cannot talk back.

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