Tuesday, September 9, 2014

On the Eve of Obama's Speech on Syria: Rescuing "Pragmatic" Alliance with al Qaeda in Syria

World War IV propagandist outlet Business Insider (nice name, isn't it?) inadvertently revealed thereason behind the timing of the "ISIS campaign" and the real motive for Obama's speech and policy to be announced tomorrow on Syria.

It is all about saving the invasion army built around two main branches of al Qaeda, al Nusra and ISIS, the task of which was to spread chaos, overthrow a government, and destroy a country.

ISIS and al Qaeda-associated forces, whom the US (and Business Insider) continues to call falsely "secular and moderate" (as still in this very article) are "on the brink of their biggest defeat yet" in Syria. They are being to be defeated in Aleppo, Syria's city second in importance after Damascus.

A report by the Empire's International Crisis Group  on September 8 warns that if the US-built invasion, mercenary army's on the city is close to being broken and that, as a result, "the U.S. and its allies would lose their most valuable partners on the battlefield, a fighting force with local credibility and years of experience fighting both ISIS and Assad." The "fighting both ISIS and Assad" is, needless to say, a shameless lie. ISIS and al Nusra have been the leading forces of the US-driven regime change.

Nevertheless, Business Insider also inadvertently reveals that this jihadist army dominated by al Nusra and ISIS (both al Qaeda progeny) is and has been fed, supplied, and supported from Turkey, a key NATO state and US ally: "The Assad regime is on the verge of severing the last rebel supply line linking it to Turkey." 

According to Business Insider, "the very survival" of the US-ordered regime change by al Qaeda proxies or "the Syrian revolution, depends largely on its ability to hold Aleppo."

The article also reveals that the failure of last year's false flag chemical attack "effectively destroyed any chance of game-changing U.S. support against Assad, a development that the Crisis Group says fractured the rebel coalition and forced certain factions into a pragmatic alliance with al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al Nusra." Pragmatic alliance with pragmatic al Qaeda responsible for 9/11 under US aegis?

"What's at stake in Aleppo is not regime victory, but opposition defeat," the report states.

In other words, the US under Obama is scrambling for saving al Qaeda-led invasion force from the jaws of its defeat in the name of fighting one of its monsters, which its war against Iraq had nurtured there before its expansion into Syria as part of the merger between the War on Terror and the War of Terror.

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  1. Thanks for explaining the obvious behind the smoke and mirrors. Left unsaid, here and everywhere, is what the World can do to restrain the West's psychopathic leadership before they make our species extinct.