Monday, September 22, 2014

It Is Sad to See Russian Diplomats "Bewildered": You Have Been Nice to a Bastard and He Still Treats You as a Bastard

The Russian government, and especially Russia's Foreign Ministry, is "bewildered" that Poroshenko made so many anti-Russian statements in Washington.

It seems that Russian diplomacy and those who worked on and for the Minsk accords had no idea that this (continued) Poroshenko's attitude and practice was coming and was bound to happen (again). So RT reports:

"Moscow is bewildered by Washington’s warmongering rhetoric, which accompanied President Petro Poroshenko’s visit to the US. Russia has also noted all the Russia-unfriendly opinions voiced recently by hawkish American politicians.
“We’ll keep in mind all signals, including those unfriendly towards Russia, that were heard during the visit of the Ukrainian president to Washington,” commented Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. “We do regret that there are quite influential circles [within the American establishment] that are unambiguously working against the emerging stabilization [in Ukraine],” Ryabkov said."

Russian diplomats and officials are especially hurt after they put so much of their principles and credibility (and whole of Novorossiya) on stake in Minsk.

Now, the Russian government appears upset in discovering that the US government is capable of hypocrisy, and Russia's Foreign Minister Deputy thus complains: “They are hypocritically advocating normalization of the situation, while actually impeding this process."

The Russian government apparently hoped and trusted the US government that the latter would spare it after Russian intervention spared the Kiev junta from the brunt of its military defeat, which could have been a political disaster for the junta and a brilliant victory for Novorossiya.

It seems that when one spares oneself of a victory that one would then win, right? For the other side would appreciate it, especially if the other side has been planning Russia's undoing for so long and asked a combination of unscrupulous oligarchs and hardcore Banderites to do the job.

But, surprisingly, Washington is treating Moscow as before.

When a common man gets cheated on, he might feel slighted and cheap. But how does it feel when this happens to diplomats? Or when the Empire cheats with Nazis on what they call "peace"?

And what happens when people begin to think that they are being cheated on?

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