Friday, September 12, 2014

Štefan Füle: How Does One Get from MGIMO to Spawning "Beautiful" Lies for Banderite, Nazi Oligarchs in Kiev and Saying It Is All for Dignity's Sake?

Štefan Füle, originally from Karlovy Vary, just 11 km from my native town, my former MGIMO classmate and colleague from the Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs and now European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy, delivered a dinner talk on the "Meaning of Maidan" to European "distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen" on "the Meaning of Maidan" Brussels, 11 September 2014.

The speech was specifically advertised and praised by US Ambassador Geofrrey Pyatt in his twitter:

Štefan Füle tried to lie as beautifully as he could. So here is the highlight:

"If you ask me what Maidan means, I would say it was first of all about dignity. Lack of accountability and accumulation of wealth in the hands of few at the expense of the prosperity of the whole country made people to show massive support for reform and modernisation. They demonstrated for a better future for their own country, a future free of corruption and where rule of law and human rights are respected. For many, this corresponded with a future based on European values, which as Europeans themselves, they share. ...  I also strongly encourage the Ukrainian authorities not to lose contact with the people of Eastern Ukraine ... In some cases friends and families are split because they feel under pressure to choose between two sides in the conflict. They need your understanding of their suffering and reassurance that there is no need to make such a choice.  ... Maidan has created a chance for a better life. ... We in the European Union do not run revolutions. ... I am sure the values Maidan has fought for will prevail and Maidan itself will be remembered as one of Europe's defining moments."

Amen and good riddance.

In addition to "dignity," Füle also glorifies himself, the EU, and Banderite hatred for the Russians with "integrity." In fact, he sees himself, the EU, and Ukraine thieving oligarchs united with the Right Sector, the Svoboda/Social National Party, and Azov Battalion Nazis as defenders of sovereignty, dignity, human rights, a better life and integrity:

"Let me also want to use this opportunity to send a strong message of support to the people in Eastern Ukraine who have suffered so much during the conflict. No matter where you are, be it in Kharkiv, Mariupol, or Donestsk, our thoughts are with you and all those defending the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine."

Almost every single sentence cries of such heavy hypocrisy and inversion of reality and values that to evoke and claim "dignity" and "integrity," as does Füle here for Maidan, its sponsors and himself, means to have no integrity or dignity left. And Füle does all this not only on behalf of the European Union and its undemocratic bureaucrats, but also on behalf of the Czech nation, which, in my view, is even significantly worse.


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