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Strelkov's September 11 Statement Laid Out Openly and Plainly: The Meaning of Novorossiya and the Minsk Protocol

The essential meaning of Igor Strelkov’s statements made on September 11, 2014 in Moscow plain and simple

1.      Strelkov was removed from his position of the Commander in Chief of the Donetsk People’s Republic by Moscow, but that does not mean personally or directly by Putin.
2.      Moscow forced Strelkov to resign at a dangerous moment when “the city of Donetsk and the entire grouping of the DPR armed forces were in an operational encirclement.”
3.      No politically and militarily authority wishing well would do this to the command of an army in such circumstances.
4.      The same forces that removed Strelkov from his post also let Kiev dictate the political demands or conditions contained in the Minsk Ceasefire Protocol of September 5.
5.      The Minsk Protocol was an attempt “to eliminate the People’s Liberation Movement of the Russian people of Novorossiya.”
6.      In fact, Strelkov’s removal from Novorossiya by a fifth column within the Russian government was part of the preparation and necessary condition for the Minsk Protocol—capitulation and surrender of Novorossiya in the guise of “ceasefire.”
7.      The Minsk Protocol was designed to a) reverse nearly all the gains of the offensive of the Army of Novorossiya, b) effect barely concealed capitulation and treason. In Strelkov’s words: “To the punitive army that was on the precipice of total defeat they immediately extended a ‘helping hand’ by arranging a ceasefire and attempting, in the course of the negotiations, to surrender literally all the gains made by those who rose up; placing them at the mercy of the Kiev Junta. It is simply impossible to come up with more disgraceful covenants that those currently being discussed in Minsk.”The Minsk Protocol was disgraceful and treasonous.
8.      The forces that made Strelkov resign and that were also behind the Minsk Protocol are described by Strelkov as follows: “The web of numerous agents that for many years successfully masqueraded in the sheep’s clothing of “patriots” and “statists”, and under this guise infiltrated the highest echelons of power, and even the entourage of the President of Russia … these traitors nevertheless continue brazenly to assert that they are the President’s “friends”, and to portray their frankly subversive activities and sabotage as the only true measures to strengthen Russian sovereignty.” Strelkov calls them “traitors.”
9.      This fifth column is led by oligarchs and by people who are part of the Russian government:  “[T]hey havie a strong presence in the leadership and considerable financial resources …”
10.  Early “Russian military aid … could – almost without bloodshed – lead to the liberation of all the Russian-speaking regions.” But this was sabotaged by the very forces described in #9 and 10.
11.  The heaviest charge against hits fifth column and the identification of their political center of gravity within the Russian government is here: “While the punitive forces were burning people alive in Odessa, bombarding Slavyansk with heavy artillery and urgently forming a combat-capable army, their accomplices, who penetrated the foreign policy leadership of Russia, not only sabotaged any and all military and political assistance to the Militia, but also – in complete understanding with Poroshenko, Turchinov, Akhmetov, Taruta, and other representatives of the Ukrainian oligarchy – worked to split the ranks of the Militia’s leadership; preventing the creation of a unified command, and through joint efforts attempted to lure the President of Russia into the traps laid by them.
12.  Strelkov says: “Real help from Russia [then] finally reached its addressee. The Militia commenced its offensive.” In other words, aid did come and it came just in time for the offensive that started in later August.
13.  The strategic plan of the US-pursued war on Russia and the role of the fifth column within Russia’s political structures is as follows: “Western countries … [and] Islamist militants controlled by the United States … are preparing to fight Russia for a long time and in earnest. The West and the Fifth Column make virtually no secret of their plans to overthrow President Putin; and subsequently to completely dismantle Russia. Their agents of influence use all means at their disposal to convince the leadership of the country that reconciliation is not only possible, but also singularly necessary. The fact that nothing but Russia’s complete capitulation will appease its enemies is being carefully concealed from the public and, possibly, even from the President.
14.  The task given to this fifth column, which exercises a good deal of influence over Russian foreign policy is “the betrayal of the Russian people of Novorossiya, followed by the laying of all responsibility therefor on the President himself.”
15.  “The traitors hope eventually to bring the situation to the conclusion of a most shameful and humiliating peace treaty, accompanied by the betrayal of the Russian population of Ukraine … [and then] to bring about a Moscow Maidan … [this] follows the scheme of ‘shameful defeat – economic crisis – discrediting of the authorities – popular uprisings – palace coup’ is once again in action.
16.  To preserve Novorossiya means to preserve Russia. To defend Novorossiya is to defend Russia: “If we are able to secure a victory there – we will preserve Russia. If we lose – we will accordingly lose the remnants of our Fatherland. In this struggle there can be no compromises, and he who tries to convince otherwise is, consciously or not, grist to the mill of the enemy.”
17.  Vladimir Putin is and has been Strelkov’s Commander-in-Chief.
18.  The purge of the fifth column is the urgent task of the moment. The situation demands it. Russia’s survival depends on it. So does the survival of Novorossiya.  The conflict is not an “internal” Ukrainian conflict.
19.  “We must expose and remove from power those of Novorossiya’s ‘well-wishers’ that have brought us to the brink of military defeat.” 

Michael Green used the word "stunning" in response to the presentation of the core of Strelkov's statement from September 11. The word "stunning" is very precise. Now, when with an understandable delay of few days, the sense of Strelkov's statement dawned upon us and made its way deeper into the mind. For me, it, indeed, happened precisely at the moment when I was waking up today. And I can almost tangibly feel and sense the stunned atmosphere around, which follows such explosions.

So there is silence, here and there some rear-guard attempt to offer a small diversion or distraction or belittle what happened. The fact remains, to paraphrase Goethe, there was a Word, Strelkov's word, and the word has become deed and action, from which a new world might come to be.

Translation used here is by Gleb Bazov, edited by S. Naylor from

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