Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sergey Ivanov von Mannerheim, the celebrated "political heavyweight" shadow behind Putin, is now officially no longer the Head of Putin's Presidential Administration, but Putin's "special representative for ecology and Russian roads. As an ecologist, he was tested and verified by Pamela Anderson

On a second thought, Putin's naming of his once defense minister and till yesterday Head of his administration his new special expert on ecology does make perfect sense. For, in December of 2015, the US had Ivanov's ecological credentials checked by Pamela Anderson, a long time Playboy bunny and one from Hefner's select beauties.

While Ivanov might have thought that he could be a special species of tiger, he literally melted with most of his circuits. In other words, he did pass the Pamela test. Russia under Putin fights the NWO "by love"--to quote Maria Zakharova when she was dissing Stalin and saying that Stalin was for Russia worse than Hitler.
Thanks to a new Pamela programming, Ivanov has thus obtained a new personality (disorder). He has become Putin's personal ecologist.

So even if Ivanov got Pamelled, he still remains and ever will be--Sergey Ivanov von Mannerheim. Acting as Putin's chief administrator he desecrated Leningrad by unveiling there the memorial plague to the fascist and invader, Marshal Mannerheim. Together with Putin's minister for "culture," Mendinsky.

Sergei Ivanov discusses Amur tiger populations with Pamela Anderson

December 7, 2015 Interfax, RBTH

pamela ivanov
Pamela Anderson and Kremlin's Chief of Staff Sergei Ivanov during a meeting at Moscow's Kremlin, Dec. 7, 2015. Source: Valery Sharifulin/TASS
Russia will be represented at the high level at the World Tiger Summit, which will be held in India in March 2016, Chief of the Russian Presidential Administration Sergei Ivanov said at a meeting with U.S. actress and member of the advisory council of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Pamela Anderson.
"In March 2016, India is planning to host a second similar forum [for tiger conservation]. Certainly, we will send the most representative delegation," Ivanov said, recalling that the first similar forum was held in St. Petersburg in 2010.
The head of the presidential administration cited data reported by scientists, that, according to their estimates, 520-540 Amur tigers presently live in Russia. "These are the biggest and, to my mind, the most beautiful tigers in the world," Ivanov said. He said that Russia was implementing a reintroduction program preparing tigers for release into the wild.
The head of the Russian presidential administration also told Anderson about Far Eastern leopards. "As for leopards, there are much fewer of them. Several years ago when we began conserving them substantially, they were really on the brink of extinction, as 30-40 species remained then. Now, there are already about 80 of them," Ivanov said. He said that "among all subspecies of leopard, thr Far Eastern leopard is the rarest one; this is the only leopard subspecies, which [has] adapted to live on the snow in winter."
As Anderson focuses her attention on the inhabitants of the seas and oceans in her work for animal protection, Ivanov told her how whales, white whales and grey whales are protected in Russia. "In the past few years we have enacted a string of legislative measures aimed at toughening the fight against poaching, transportation, sale and purchase of precious species of animals," he said, adding that the Russian authorities "even decided to set up special police units, which are specialized in these affairs in the Far East, the Amur region, the Khabarovsk and Primorye territories."
The chief of the Kremlin administration also said that the Russian Geographical Society was actively participating in the work to conserve rare species of animals. Moscow is actively participating in the work of international environment protection structures and is participating in different forums.
Ivanov is holding a meeting with Anderson at the Presidential Library in the Kremlin. Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Sergei Donskoy, Russian presidential aide and head of the Control Directorate Konstantin Chuichenko, adviser of the head of the Russian Geographical Society Anastasia Chernobrovina are all taking part in the meeting.
In welcoming his guest, Ivanov acknowledged that this meeting for him "is very unusual and interesting…In the company of beautiful women it is possible to discuss the problems of preserving wild life and very beautiful animals, for instance, Amur tigers and Far Eastern leopards," he said.

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