Saturday, August 13, 2016

Big boys decided: Starikov is useful as a propagandist steeped in selected old British tricks and intel secrets. Or if he has still a future as a politician, that time has not come yet

The "Great Fatherland" party of Nikolay Starikov has been barred by the Putinist regime from participating in the September Duma elections. Starikov was the most vocal and public ideologue of Putin's "clever" Minsk plan alias Novorossiya's surrender.

The snubbing of Starikov might be part of the same reshuffling which saw the departure of Zurabov from the post of Russia's Ambassador to Kiev, after representing the same policy which Starikov was defending. Moreover, Starikov's party with its rather bombastic or ominous name was excluded from the elections on the same day when Sergey Ivanov von Mannerheim was moved from the Head of Putin's presidential administration to a department of roads and ecology.

Starikov blames solely the pro-Putin or Putinist United Party for not being able to run for Duma. On the go he invented a new conspiracy theory according to which the ruling United Party is planning a coup against Putin in 2018. Moreover, according to Starikov, by the decision (which is a decision of the election state committee), United Russia has become Russia's Party of Regions, which was half-secretly sponsoring Ukrainian Nazis and thus set up itself for the Maidan.

While Starikov has done a lot for maintaining the fiction and myth of Putin's greatness and genius, the Kremlin and the regime is, in my view, not at all impressed by or in favor of those people who followed and embraced Starikov's "quasi-patriotic" rhetoric. The Kremlin decided that it's safer to keep the whole party and its members out of the official well paid seats in the parliamentary theater, and that had to include Starikov himself.

For an analyst, Starikov is along with Kurginyan and Dugin some of the most interesting and also quite bizarre (almost as bizarre as Zhirinovski) special black op projects.
It is also noteworthy that the regime and its election law invented 44 methods of declaring a signature in support of a party registration to be deemed illegal, invalid and incorrect.

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