Monday, July 25, 2016

What culture and what values does Russian mafia oligarchy create and (re)present?

Russian mafia oligarchy under Putin is creating and promoting that type of "culture" that best reflects its character and best suits its refined taste and needs. What culture is that? It is a great, well sponsored effort to rip off, clone and then massively reproduce someone or something like a Miley Cyrus. Besides getting on all the four before the US or the IAAF or the IOC, there is not that much left to speak of substance to such geopolitics and its clones and clowns.

"The leadership of Russia must decide whether the "values" they speak of are a true, rather than merely a pretext for thinly veiled opportunism, as in the west. If they do not do so, than they will forever be merely the little brother to the western hegemons, vying for their shadow or a niche in the market, rather than a true pole of power".
 So what values does Russia under Putin create and promote?

 "The voice of shit":

"Let's dance Russia and make Europe cry. My ass is the most gorgeous of all."

The Russian government with Putin succeeded in reducing the number of hospitals in Russia from 10,700 in 2000 to 5,900 in 2013 (and the reductions continue) and the number of schools from 68,100 in 2000 to 44,100 in 2015. Putin thus closed 15 times more schools than Yeltsin. Putin also beat Yeltsin in hospital closures--4,800 against Yeltsin's 2,100. As I noted before, in my tacit polemic with Western Putinists, faux-leftists: Putin has positively no detectable sense of social justice, it is absent or, more truly yet, deeply negative.
Просто напоминание.
"Как Путин вытащил страну из 90-х
Численность школ в России:
1991г. - 69 700
2000г. - 68 100
2015г. - 44 100
Источник: Росстат
Т.е. в «голодные» времена при Ельцине закрыли 1 600 школ, а в «сытые» при Путине в 15 раз больше - 24 000 школ. Из них 19 300 (80%) - на селе.
Численность больниц в России:
1990г. - 12 800
2000г. - 10 700
2013г. - 5 900
Источник: Росстат
Т.е. в «голодные» времена при Ельцине закрыли 2 100 больниц, а при Путине в 2,3 раза больше - 4 800 больниц.
Численность поликлиник в России:
1990г. - 21 500
2000г. - 21 300
2013г. - 16 500
Источник: Росстат
Т.е. при Ельцине закрыли 200 (двести) поликлиник, а при Путине в 24 раза больше - 4800 поликлиник.
Численность сельского населения:
1990г. - 38,93млн.
2000г. - 39,47млн.
2013г. - 37,23млн.
Источник: Росстат"

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