Sunday, July 3, 2016

Putin's authorities have extradited a well-known anti-fascist dissident and opposition journalist from Kharkov right into the hands of the SBU

Russian authorities delivered into the hands of Kiev's SBU Andrew Borodavka, a well-known anti-fascist, opposition journalist from Kharkov who tried to flee to Russia from fascist persecution in Ukraine. A Russian court ruled that his stay in Russia was illegal, and the sentence--a fine and deportation--has been carried out. Today, in the evening, Moscow delivered him directly into the hands of the SBU.

Borodavka himself was beaten by a fascist mob and his friend was killed during the initial phase of the conflict in Donbass:

Borodavka was then placed on the list of people marked as targets by the notorious "Peacemaker" (also tied to the murder of journalist Buzina).

Here is how the Kiev regime's supporters reacted to the decision of the Russian/Putin's authorities--hailing it as their victory and a mockery of the axiom that "the Russians are not leaving/betraying their own":

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