Saturday, July 23, 2016

Putin and the Kremlin is following Erdogan's "post-coup" purges (Turkey's new reformatting) with a great interest and sympathy, talking even of a new political alliance and brotherhood, while holding their breath

There is a good, reasonable chance that what Erdogan is doing now in Turkey to Turkey (against Turkey), the Putinist clique might be following with a great interest and contemplating for Russia as well.

A preemptive, staged (another) false coup is looking like a thing the Kremlin might try.

For some time now, the Kremlin has already been trying to paint Russian patriots as "nationalist" extremists, even fascists, possibly terrorists, the CIA-controlled column etc.

Moreover, with the false aura of Putin dissipating, the sharp economic and social crisis at hand and the need to move into the next stage of the Grand-chessboard "Brzezinski" plan, the Putin regime and its puppeteers are very likely thinking of some new surprise, game-changing move, one which might have already been laid out in great detail in the two black files which Kerry brought with him to Moscow on July 14.

The parliamentary elections for Duma scheduled for September 18, 2016, are in this regard an important line to watch for. The ruling party, United Russia, can win this election again only with a new, unprecedented fraud. The anxiety over these elections has also very likely led to pushing the "full realization" of the Minsk Agreements from this summer (thus before the elections) further down the road. In this respect, the possibility of a staged mini-coup in the DPR and the LPR cannot be ruled out either.

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