Monday, July 25, 2016

How is the fiction of Putin's greatness being created and maitained? By dropping his name down on people as often as possible as guano

There is both in the US and Russia a shared interest in attaching Putin and his name to any conceivable event in the world, thus making faux connections, in order to keep up Putin's image, persona and brand--in the case of Brexit, the failed putsch in Turkey, the DNC Wikileaks and so on, all the while Putin can't even stop the train of Russia's economy going off the rail or even to meaningfully maintain the minimum respect and self-regard with respect to the doping scandal and the bashing of Russia on this account. 

In the case of the DNC hacked emails, attaching Putin's name to them is intended to help Hillary with the much needed damage control, while anchoring for the Democrats and Americans the notion that Russia and Putin are a present threat. With the damning revelations, Putin's persona serves as a convenient diversion and attention-catcher. In the ongoing strategic operations, on both sides of the divide, both in the US and Russia, falsely associating Putin with almost anything of note that happens has already become much like a standing operating procedure of the people who worked out Putin, the soulless, hapless and greatly corrupt and incompetent entity and puppet on strings, into a mirage of an almighty fictitious genius. The artificial association of Putin's name with the DNC leaked emails is also meant to falsely misrepresent Trump as a sort of Putin's friend, ally or even agent.

This incessant interjection of Putin into any remotely possible conspiracy as the supposed mastermind is also meant for the consumption of those Russians who still want to believe that Putin who serves as a face-facade of Russian mafia oligarchy is not only much more powerful than how he is, but that, instead of being a destroyer of Russia, he is Russia's savior with a perfect secret plan of salvation--always well known and widely published by the Putinist initiates on the social media.

Soberly and realistically considered, Putin is a persona is a program, a media construct wrapped around a puppet, a clone, and a human robot, a fumbling actor.

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  1. Thank you, Vladimir Suchan, for your contribution to Western understanding of Donbass and Russia. Putin has his faults. Most notably, he has betrayed Donbass. Apparently Putin cannot stand up to the global elite. Zakharchenko is in the same fix, bowing to the Western aristocracy. Donald Trump is trying to hold the line, but it's not easy. These men are leaky lifeboats at best. But they are lifeboats and the world ship is sinking. We are up against a powerful adversary. Please consider that by clinging to these hopes we might at last reach shore. The agreement on foreign affairs between Putin and Trump is so striking, their views are indistinguishable. This is a step toward world peace. I try to argue this convincingly here: