Thursday, July 21, 2016

Moscow's Sputnik and the U.S. (Neo-Conish) National Interest Join Hands to Affirm Kerrry-Putin Recent Agreements and the Simple Fact that Putin and Moscow Are Part of the Neo-Con's Game

Sputnik unveils a portion of the new Kerry-Putin secret agreements from Kerry's recent visit to Moscow via the neo-conish National Interest.

In doing so, Sputnik also makes itself (much like Moscow's "foreign policy") an amplifier of the neo-con leaning (U.S) National Interest (founded by Irving Kristol in 1985 and now led by Jacob Heilbrunn, its chief editor, who wrote a book, They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons, 2008) and cites a new National Article penned by Paul Pillar (Brookings Institution). Sputnik namely highlights this from Pillar's article:

"Moscow has realized that the Syrian Army will be unable to regain territories it has lost during the war and defeat Islamist groups, according to the article. ... Finally, Russia’s interests in Syria are not the same as the interests of Bashar Assad and his government. If Moscow and Washington can find a common position on the issue, Russia may accept Assad’s resignation, the article read. Thus, the US should stop pretending that its core interests in Syria conflict with Russia’s goals in the region."

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