Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ukrainian Conflict--the Harmonogram of Putin's Betrayals

1. First, while watching the preparations of the fascist, anti-Russian takeover of Ukraine over so many years, the Kremlin did nothing ... nothing of any substance with respect to countervailing resistance. It was idly standing by.
2. When the Russian Spring began to flare up in Ukraine in response to the Maidan, the Kremlin first flushed down the river the uprising in the old Russian city of Kharkov, the second largest city in Ukraine. Already in April of 2014.
3. When the Russian Spring was suppressed by means of brutal massacre in Odessa on May 2, 2014, the Kremlin rewarded this with the legitimization of the Poroshenko elections and the junta. In this way, the Kremlin flushed down the river Odessa and the whole antifascist uprising in the South-East outside of Donbass.
4. The Minsk Agreements flushed down the river not only the occupied two thirds of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, but also the republics because the Kremlin recognized as a matter of principle fascist sovereignty over the whole Donbass and the whole of Ukraine, thus rejecting recognition of the DPR and the LPR as independent republics.
5. In the guise of the "demilitarized zones" under Minsk, the Kremlin then flushed down the river most of the forward positions of the NAF.
6. In September of 2014, the Kremlin flushed down the river Mariupol, which was in the early days of September effectively abandoned by the junta. Liberation of Mariupol would have effectively won the war for Donbass and would have created a land corridor to Crimea.
7. Russian colonial oligarchy has been betraying the Russian people for the 25-30 years.
8. To argue that the Russian Spring was not betrayed because the final turning of the DPR and the LPR has not yet taken place is as valid as arguing that the bank was not robbed because the thieves have not yet "withdrawn" or stolen all the money--only 90% of them.

PS: Moreover, we have the Crimean case which showed and shows that the US would not and did not go nuclear over Russian intervention. However, I don't doubt that if the US faced a prospect of having a hostile power 400 miles from Washington D.C., as what Russia is facing now, then for the US all options would be on the table. And certainly no Minsk. Putin is no strategic genius. A clever mafia don and a former C- student.

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