Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kurginyan, a former Gorbachev's strategic advisor, pulls out heavy fire sticks to smash Russian patriots for good--calls them CIA agents and says the CIA controlled the Novorossiya uprising and took over the DPR and the LPR; will this lie be enough to save Russian treasonous oligarchs?

In defense of the oligarchic collaborationist regime, Kurginyan worked himself up to claim the following--nothing smaller than this:
1. Control over Donbass, the DPR and the LPR, has been retaken by the CIA.
2. Anti-Soviet and anti-Russian nationalist movements and elites on the territory of the former Soviet Union were formerly sympathetic to Hitler, even collaborated with Hitler, and since the fall of the Soviet empire they have been recruited and controlled by the CIA.
3. The one exception were the Russian nationalists for the program has for its goal Russia's destruction and non-existence.
4. This is why (thus contradicting himself) Russian nationalists or patriots began working for the CIA as well since they are rooted in the West and not in Russia.
5. Kurginyan claims that Strelkov too is a CIA agent and that the Novorossiya uprising and the defense of Slavyansk was a CIA plot as well. Strelkov was not ordered by the Kremlin out of Donbass; Kurginyan claims that Strelkov just "ran" from Donbass on his own or on CIA orders from there.
6. Kurginyan then claims that Strelkov and his supporters and the Banderites are and have been allies, even much the same. Strelkov launched the armed anti-fascist, Russian liberation struggle according to Kurginyan in cooperation with the Banderite Nazis.

The plot thickens. Smaller or medium/mediocre lies are no longer enough. Monstrous lying is now required. In the video talk, which immediately follows on youtube, Kurginyan argues that Strelkov and also Navalny and also Kudrin are/were all FSB operatives who "rebelled."

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