Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's not that the Kremlin is just playing stupid, by playing stupid and making their stooges stupid, they are striving to reduce the Russians to zombified slaves which, in Donbass, are to be turned over to the fascists as if of their own will

On orders from Moscow, both Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky started a campaign to collect "millions" of signatures for a whining petition to the UN Security Council on how Kiev is sabotaging return and cessation of the DPR and the LPR into the fold of fascist Ukraine, allegedly thus failing to implement the Minsk Agreements. This campaign is made to be used by the Vlasov Kremlin 1) as a proof that the people of Donbass support the Minsk capitulation act and that they insist on putting themselves under sovereignty of the Banderite oligarchs, as the Kremlin and the West wants them to, 2) the petition is to be used as a thinly disguised way for the people of Donbass to denigrate and delegitimize their own referendum, without being told the real reason of this exercise. 3) Since the West and Kiev don't actually recognize the DPR and the LPR--in fact, Moscow does not recognize them as such either--any such a plea or petition to the UN, the UN Security Council and to the West about how bad Kiev is not allowing them to cease to exist in a new fascist Ukraine serves only the Kremlin's own PR and psy-op purposes. To legitimize the finalization of the treason and betrayal.

Pathetic. In his declaration, Plotnitsky calls his/this Surkovian appeal to sign a petition in support of Minsk capitulation a "diplomatic offensive."

It is certain that the Kremlin's denials about Putin's agreement with arming and expanding OSCE are lies. Putin and also Peskov are on record affirming the Kremlin's agreement with arming OSCE. and with "expanding" its powers (for example, see Putin's press conference from April). Whether to call this new OSCE force "police" or not is more an issue of semantics and labeling, but that of substance. The Kremlin's argument that the Kremlin did not give consent because the decisions are made elsewhere is false. The Minsk negotiations groups operate under the directives set up by the Normandy group, which is making all key political decisions. OSCE in turns follows and implements decisions of the key powers. It is not an autonomous, self-governing institution. 

Aleksander Rogers, one of Surkov's lame propagandists threatens that, if the UN Security Council, does not react to the cynical and hypocritical new Surkovian idea with the pro-Minsk petition simultaneously announced by Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky, then AND ONLY THEN Moscow and their Donbass stooges might come up with something else, for, allegedly, Moscow's "patience has run out." Even the hypocrisy is not longer what it used be. So, allegedly, "patience has run out" and that's why they want now people of Donbass to sign a pro-Minsk petition demanding the implementation of Minsk, which means or would mean their final surrender into the hands of the fascists.

El Murod: До конца лета с территории Донбасса должны быть выведены все "отпускники", а также всевозможные "ихтамнеты". Уже сейчас к границам постепенно перемещают технику и запасы боеприпасов и оружия. На некоторых участках передовой ополченцы находятся только со стрелковым оружием плюс категорическим запретом на открытие огня. Наказание - отказ в подвозе боекомплекта. Ополчения, кстати, уже нет даже формально: есть народная милиция с весьма смутным статусом.
Официальные лица уже в открытую говорят о необходимости скорейшей "имплементации" минских договоренностей, а республиканское руководство затевает сбор подписей под обращением к мировому сообществу с жалобой на Киев, который тормозит эту "имплементацию

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