Monday, March 21, 2016

Twelve Theses on the State of Russia 70 Years after the Defeat of Fascism in World War II

1.      Russia today is a colony. And it has been a colony since the late 1980s or since Gorbachev.

A colony for the first time since the time of the Mongol-Tatar Yoke and Enslavement. That’s also Sergey Lavrov, who played a great role in keeping Russia locked in this colonial fold since the 1980s, defined the main political meaning of the Mongol-Tatar destruction and colonization of Russia in his article “Russia’s Foreign Policy in Historical Perspective” as follows: “Let’s recall the policies pursued by the Grand Prince Aleksandr Nevskiy who temporarily subordinated himself to the Golden Orde, which was religiously tolerant, in order to protect the Russian people’s right to their own faith and to chart their own destiny in spite of European West’s efforts to fully subordinate Russian lands and deprive them of their own identity. I am convinced that such wise, long-term policies have left a mark on our genetic memory.” Lavrov calls here enslavement, subordination, and colonization “wise, long term policies” and “our genetic memory.” Such is, indeed, the code which the colonizers and their local comprador bourgeoisie with its new “diplomacy” tries to program and inscribe into the DNA of Russia and its peoples.
2.      What does it mean to be a colony? It means not being a sovereign, independent state. A colony is a formation the sovereign decisions over which are made by someone else. It is a nation under the rule of other nation(s) and other foreign powers.
3.      A colony cannot choose a path of its own development and it can’t have its own foreign policy or diplomacy in the proper sense of that word either.
4.      This also means that the colony’s elite and its local leadership do follow, must follow and are willing to follow orders from the outside and, by this token, politically, psychologically, and culturally, such “elites” and leadership do not belong to their people, but to their foreign patrons, handlers, and overseers.
5.      Russia became a colony as a result of the defeat of the Soviet Union in the Cold War. In the modern, prevalent sense, a colony (as opposed to ancient colonies of settlers from their mother countries or metropolises, as, for example, among the ancient Greeks) is by definition a defeated, subordinated state.
6.      Russia’s transformation into a present day’s colony, one of the key result and meanings of the Soviet defeat in the Cold War, was itself a result of the surrender of the Soviet Union (i.e. Russia) and all the Soviet-led “world socialist system” by the Soviet leadership and the regime’s elite guardians.
7.      This was thus yet another case of the proverbial turns where a people turns into a Medusa raft, cannibalizing and devouring their own or where guardian dogs turn into a pack of wolves predating on whom they were supposed to protect and shield, thus turning the principle and idea of communist solidarity (“one for all and all in it together”) into the few against all else with a tendency toward the ultimate Hobbesian “everyone against everyone.”
8.      Ever since the leadership and the elite that sold and betrayed everything and everyone they could tried to stabilize and perpetuate their rule by creating to themselves an image of false legitimacy by faking, lying, pretending, and deception, including a grandiose, Potemkin-village-like attempt at a new personality cult.

The main purpose of “perestroika” and the transition of the 1990s (the Yeltsin rule) was thus not only to destroy the country as a superpower, but also to turn the country into a colony through a corresponding systematic transformation—accordingly changing all the laws, all the institutions, the system of ruling and management and also the country’s culture. By the end of the 1990s, such systematic colonization nearly destroyed the country itself.

In its first phase, the Putin rule had the task to normalize Russia’s colonization—to make it appear normal, solid and stable chiefly by making control over the whole system more, better and more deeply established and by disguising the colonial nature of the system. With Nazification of Ukraine following the Maidan regime change in February of 2014, a new phase in consuming the soul and existence of Russia began.

9.      Is there any way out of this political and civilizational debasement and degradation that is undermining and threatens the very existence of Russia? Yes, there is. First, speaking the truth to power is not enough if people cannot or unwilling to speak the truth to themselves first. Second, no false regime can stand if its lies are no longer accepted as truth and as a legitimate tender. Third, in order to wean oneself from the lies, which enslave oneself and that destroy the nation, each needs to grow back a conscience, a character, and what can be called “the organ for truth”—a mind and soul of a free, dignified person who cares about others.
10.   Once this happens to a sufficient number of people, the awakening, the truth, becomes a word, the word becomes a new spirit, the word and the new spirit become a network reconnecting many people from place to place, and the word and the spirit connected with each other will become a network, a new practice, and a new community of the people working on their liberation and emancipation. For every deed and every liberation is good only as much as people do truly care about what they do and only as much as they care for others. To will toward the truth, freedom, and justice, one has to care about them and love them—honestly, truly, and vigorously—first. There is no other way. This is the only true way. Without this prerequisite, nothing else can be accomplished. Either Russia finds her way back to herself, back to a sense and practice of shared justice and truth or she will be crushed and crucified.
11.  Moreover, every love, every care, every commitment is then tested on its truthfulness, validity and vitality by life and life’s struggles. The late Soviet leadership miserably failed this test and, in failing, it failed the system and the country as well as the legacy and will of those who heroically fought and prevailed against fascism seventy years ago.

The late Soviet leadership, moreover, failed not so much because it was mentally weak, but because it first failed in its spirit, in its truthfulness, honesty and honor—thus mainly because its character and morality utterly collapsed.

The current colonial administrators of Russia differ mainly in that they no longer need to fake any commitment to or respect for any previous Soviet ideals and principles. While freeing themselves from the need to fake that, they still do and need to fake their commitment to the country and the people whom, in practice, treat as oligarchs treat their former free men turned into new serfs and slaves.

The truth is that Russian oligarchy is anti-national, and, for this new oligarchy and its bandit mindset, Russia as a great, sovereign, and independent nation is something which, with their stolen billions, they cannot afford and do not want to afford. And their patrons and handlers do let them do it anyway.

Russian oligarchy is leading Russia to a new fascism (with elements of new feudalism), disintegration and bloody civil wars. The only thing that can save Russia is the replace the will of the oligarchy and its masters by the voices of true patriots.
12.  "Что это за режим, который может рухнуть от слова?"

Всё зависит от того если найдётся храбрости и ума сказать народу и власти нужное, правдивое и праведное Слово--ясное, чёткое, сильное.

Без хотя относительного уважения к правде и осознания правды в головах властей страна становится больной и умриает. Без правды и истины в головах и сердцах народа народ становистя рабами.

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