Friday, March 18, 2016

Thesis of a Czech Poet on the Political, Economic and Civilizational Meaning of the 30-years Combined Rule by Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin

What is the fundamental political, economic, ideological and civilizational meaning of the era in Russia's history under Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin, thus more than 30 years of their combined rule (last year Putin declared that Yeltsin's way is also his way--put)?

It took the Soviet Union under Stalin just over 10 years to prepare for the largest and greatest war in history of mankind--the life and death war, World War II or, as it is known in Russia, the Great Patriotic War. Just over 10 years, the Soviet Union needed and had to prepare for that war and for the Soviet Victory in that war.

This was, in my view, the greatest and most principal achievement of the Soviet Union. It saved and preserved Russia--hundreds of millions of people, and, at the same time, it also saved from planned extermination other nations too, include the Czechs, my own nation by birth.

It is, therefore, also this supreme achievement of the Soviet Union that may or should be used as a key, central criterion against which the achievements and the political, economic, ideological and civilizational meaning of the rule by Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin need to be measured first and foremost.

When in Milan in June of 2015, shortly after the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Victory in World War II, Putin made his attitude clear: "Never again!" He called the victorious Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union a "tragedy." But on record we have not just words and statements by Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin and their pronouncements on the meaning of the Soviet Union. We have also their deeds, policies, and their results the evidence of which is, of course, much more material and decisive.

When we then look over the whole span of these 30 years and mark the key patterns and trends, we have to conclude the following:

If the essence, main triumph and the greatest service to mankind by the Soviet Union was the victory in World War II and the defeat of Nazism, the rule of death over mankind, Russia under Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin has used all these 30 years not for victory, but for preparing and implementing capitulation and doing all they could to make this politically, economically, ideologically, and civilizationally assured, guaranteed, and irreversible--as much as possible and by means of systemic political, economic, ideological and civilizational corruption, degradation, and self-destruction. Putin's surrender of 40 million Ukraine, the historical part of Russia, to the new fascists is a proof and case in point, and not small at all. The gangrene is in the Kremlin, and the Ukrainian army under its fascist command only 400 miles from the Kremlin. 

In other words, the combined 30-year-plus rule by Gorbachev (the gravedigger/
гробокопатель), Yeltsin and Putin pursued this one overriding, strategic objective--undoing, reversing, erasing, and destroying the Soviet Victory over fascism in World War II, its results, consequences, legancy, and meaning. I do believe that, for the Soviet and Russian people, this is the most unholy endeavor one can think of.

Against this background, hailers of Putin's supreme geniusness and fictitious masterfulness, which beset Russia with a horde, a new "Golden Horde," of absolutely amoral, immoral, nihilistic, and soulless oligarchs, are trying to present Putin, the hero, much like the victim in chief of the Empire, rather than its willing collaborator, partner, and a cog in its wheel and hook, while trying to "shame" and silence criticism of Putin's Highest Nothingness under which Russia has progressed--has "progressed" mightily toward her unconditional surrender, capitulation and demise. By means of systemic political, economic, ideological and civilizational debasement and corruption. Machiavelli might have approved. Russia's enemies applaud, and morons rejoice and worship.

"The defector who has been fleecing Russia, the oligarch-in-chief, and the traitor-in-chief is the victim" (c).
Russia with her potential, talents, wealth, and the former might should have easily produce enough wealth for average income to be $1000 a month, not $100-200 as it is now. The rest has been plundered and destroyed. People who praise Putin for this and other thing must "really love Russia and the Russians."

Does Putin still find it "funny," as he does in this video, that, when Chubais was changing/destroying the Russian economy, the basis of Putin's Russia, he was surrounded and led by cohorts of CIA advisers who were later investigated back in the US for doing only a very tiny bit of corruption and stealing in which Chubais and other Russian oligarchs were all above their heads?


According to Vladimir Solovyev, a well known explainer of VVP to the masses, the peculiarity of the current Russia is characterized by "historical reconciliation"--of traitors of Russia with their victims. This, "historical reconciliation," however, requires cursing Stalin and the Soviet past. Otherwise, "historical reconciliation" with the traitors would not work. Just as with magic spells, they work, but only under certain conditions. So does brainwashing of the masses.

Вчера перед сном наткнулся на передачу "Поединок", там Руцкой совсем белый, как лунь, обличал мистера Горби и месье Ельцина. Ну там типа того, что в каком государстве мы живем если предателям и разрушителям Страны ставим памятники и вручаем высшие ордена?!!! На что Вольдемар Шапиро (Соловьев) сказал, что в России идет историческое примирение. Ага, помню его недельной давности высказывание, в котором энтот фраерок обличал товарища Сталина. Вот что за манера у товагищей пытаться между опущенных проскочить и попу в целости сохранить?!!!)))

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