Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Soul-destroying Mogherini's Heart-Rending Confession Which Has Not Been Delivered Yet. But Here It Is

Federica Mogherini crying, after declaring the EU to represent "peace-loving nations."
Her peace-loving humanity and emotional side, however, poses no obstacle to the EU insistence on seeing the main victim of ISIS--the Syrian state and people--vilified and destroyed just as the anti-fascist Russians of Donbass.

Did I forget seeing any, I mean, any EU officials crying over the victims of the Odessa massacre by the Ukrainian fascists?

This is what the EU message delivered by tearful Mogherini should have been today:

"Dear people of Europe! What you have seen today on the streets of Brussels is what we, your leaders and politicians, have been supporting and helping to come out in Syria on a regular basis for the last five years, but on a thousand times greater scale. We have never regretted doing so and we have always done it with a gusto. To expand al Qaeda into tens of thousands strong armies collected from the scum of more than 100 countries from around the whole word costed us a great deal of efforts, planning, and trying and almost as much when trying to cover it up, explain it away and blame it on the victim. 

At the same time, the Syrian people have done us no harm. Except two. They are the only one remaining anti-colonial, independent nation in the region, and the refused to be overrun by al Qaeda and ISIS and their 'moderate allies' and resisted. And they still continue to resist. This alone makes me want to cry.

Believe me, to organize such an operation logistically--to support whole new vast armies of perfectly trained terrorists is no small feat. If you have any complaints, you do need to address them to us for we do listen to you. Otherwise, on behalf of the EU, I have to accept your silence as a sign of your obliging acquiescence."

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