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Russian President V.V. Putin: When Chubais Was Destroying Our Country, His Advisers Were American Citizens from the CIA, I Think It Was Funny; and Still Funnier that the US Charged Them When They Got Back; That's Not How We Treat Chubais and Our Cronies; I am Glad that Chubais thad the Courgae to Do All This; Somone Had to Do It

Putin on Anatoliy Chubais: "Chubais and the people working with him changed the whole system of the country's economy and the direction of its development. Someone had to do it ... and they had the courage to do it. .... There are many funny things about this too. For example, [while doing all this] Chubais was surrounded by people who worked as his advisers. And, as it has come out today, these were professional agents of the CIA. But what is even funnier is that after these people returned to the US, they were brought for trial because, in violation of the laws of their country, they were enriching themselves in the course of our privatization, and they did not have the right to do so as officers of US intelligence service. This was not allowed to them by their codes to engage in any commercial activity, but they could not help it. Corruption, capish? The due needs to be given to the US justice system [for in Russia we did that very differently!] They did not look away! In the process of prosecution, they even exposed the fact that our Chubais was surrounded by the professional agents of the CIA! But eh he eh hmm you asked for how shall we keep Chubais in our power structures? He is not there! He is the head of a state corporation, but it is also a commercial structure ..." 3:02-4:10

What does this make Chubais? And Putin himself?

Как же так? То получается, что агентов госдепа и ЦРУ могут разоблачать только тe же самые "агенты" и что русским и "патриотам" остается всего лишь поддерживать и обожать тех же самых агентов госдепa и ЦРУ на власти?

Does Putin still find it "funny," as he does in this video, that, when Chubais was changing/destroying the Russian economy, the basis of Putin's Russia, he was surrounded and led by cohorts of CIA advisers who were later investigated back in the US for doing only a very tiny bit of corruption and stealing in which Chubais and other Russian oligarchs were all above their heads?

Putin: "Let us do our job! We are the defectors! Hahaha"

Генералиссимус Владимир Боунапарте 2016г. Звание присвоено за взятие бюджета РФ, спасение русских олигархов-жуликов от разгрома, потписание минской безоговоречной капитуляции фашистам после разгрома их войск в Августе 2014. года и за освобождение Сирии от российских войск.

I believe that the above represents a real picture from the heyday of Putin’s adulation meant to promote his personality cult

"The defector who has been fleecing Russia, the oligarch-in-chief, and the traitor-in-chief is the victim" (c).

Russia with her potential, talents, wealth, and the former might should have easily produce enough wealth for average income to be $1000 a month, not $100-200 as it is now. The rest has been plundered and destroyed. People who praise Putin for this and other thing must "really love Russia and the Russians."

The Economist: "Russian belts have tightened further because of sanctions imposed after Mr Putin attacked Ukraine. Living standards have fallen for the past two years and are falling still. The average salary in January 2014 was $850 a month; a year later it was $450." 

You may note that the Economist stops with the number showing the deep dive of Russia and the vast majority of its otherwise silent population at January of 2015. However, the headlong dive continued, and now the prevalent salaries are getting below &200 a month with prices, inflation, taxes, fees, and new taxes and tolls only further rising. Moreover, the Economist statistics above is still inflated--based on official statistics and more reflective of the situation in the better-off centers than in the provinces. 

Bottom line: economically, financially, and socially, Russia is collapsing and is in a deep systemic crisis. The fact that this has not led to greater social upheavals and strikes may be explained by better control over society, demise of the trade unions, and dismantlement of any functioning, genuine opposition as well as outlets and venues for protest. But this is also a sign of the fact that, under Putin's rule (nominally headed by Putin), Russia's immunity system and its system of self-protection and self-defense has been dismantled too. Thus there is just an abyss and a poster with a Putin in Italian sunglasses or with a Putin riding Mother Russia in the form of a bear between his legs and under his 63-year-old man's bare breasts.

For the last two years, the fascist regime in Ukraine has had the freedom and all the powers of the state at its disposal to consolidate itself and to nazify Ukraine and its Ukrainian and Russian population. Greatly thanks to Putin's and Lavrov's stated position that the Poroshenko regime is "Ukraine best chance" (Lavrov's famous statement from June of 2014), "the step in the right direction" (Putin, May 2014) and the Minsk partnership with the Nazis, in which Putin pledged to the Nazis sovereignty over all of Ukraine. As Strelkov previously stated, the decision to declare the Poroshenko/Banderite regime "legitimate" right upon Poroshenko's election was a key factor that helped mightily the Nazi regime consolidate itself. Of course, none of the Putnists ever notice or realize any of this.

Back in June of 2014, Putin: "Poroshenko has a plan on solving the situation in Donbass and I like it."

Putin at the end of August of 2014, on the eve of Minsk 1: “I and Petro Poroshenko agreed on how to save Donbass. Yes, we cooked it up together.”

Vladimir Solovyev, Kremlin's propagandist, a propagandist of the Kremlin's partnership with the fascist regime in Ukraine: "No one [i.e. Putin] has betrayed Donbass, because no one [i.e. Putin] promised anything to them."

Putin's former finance minister hopes that Russia will fully surrender the rest of Donbass by the end of 2016.

Kudrin, Putin's longest serving finance minister: "I feel that if Russia faithfully fulfills the Minsk Agreements, and if the Syrian situation unfolds positively [for the West], then Russia might see at least a partial elevation of the sanctions against her by the end of this year or early next year."

Собчак: Ну-ка скажите, товарищ Путин, что вы поняли в школе о капитализме от научного коммунизма, Марксизма-ленинизма?
Чубайс: Ну ладно, Вовка. Забудь про учёбу! Все очень просто. В советские времена все хотели только созидать и работать. Сейчас мы их от этого освoбодим. Чтобы собрать биллионы и построить капитализм, мы должны делать всё наоборот. Самый лучший и быстрый метод как нажиться и нажраться и накопить наши капиталы получится разрушая эту великую страну. И для этого нам нужны только три вещи--наша власть, беспечный недостаток совести и способность врать.
Путин: А вы точно не оставите мне в беде, а будете мне показывать мой путь вперёд?

Putin: My response to the Great Patriotic War of the Russians is clear: "Never again!" (see his speech in Milan, June 2015, shortly after the 70th anniversary of the Victory)
Zakharova: Stalin is worse than Hitler. Our new pro-capitalist way is doing these things by cuddling ("s laskoy"). (See her infamous FB posting from February 2016)
Putin: Indeed. Since 1991 our partnership with the West has been one ongoing wedding night. No matter what you do, the result is to be one and the same. Always. Americans have a four letter word for it. (Putin's "joke" uttered in Petersburg next to Merkel)

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