Wednesday, September 30, 2015

While Kremlin-inspired videos and articles present Putin as an early modern absolutist monarch annointed by God, Russian Senate shows its amazing effectiveness

An old political scientist cannot but admire how it took the Russian Senate not more than five minutes to approve greater and more effective help to the heroic people of Syria fighting for almost five years a combined massive invasion of al Qaeda and ISIS-led expeditionary armies, which by now have destroyed most of Syria and enslaved at least half of its population.

Moreover, the Russian Senate did so without allowing itself or without being allowed to have any debate or even any sign of any discussion on Russia's use of force whatsoever, thus allowing the brave Russian deputies not to ask anything, brainstorm anything and the least of all not to make any parallels with Ukraine or Dombass or any connection between Syria and Donbass. Or just to discuss the effectiveness and results of Russian foreign and security policies in the most critical and gravest area, which not only borders directly with Russia and opens but a short 350 mile stretch all the way to Moscow, but which also involves millions of Russians who have just fallen under the yoke of Nazi terror and the anti-Russian regime.

Berlusconi, the veteran of NATO Gladio network, had more time to discuss these issues with Putin during their three meetings over the last four months than what time the Russian deputies had to do the same with Putin.

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