Friday, September 18, 2015

One year after Minsk 1: Bottom-line assessment of Putin's strategic cunning

Objectively, the Kremlin's cunning (or not cunning) policies or "strategies" have produced or helped produce these principal results in Ukraine: 

1) containing and guaranteeing the anti-fascist, anti-oligarchic uprising in such a way that it is no longer anti-oligarchic even within the DPR and the LPR and, officially and as far as the Kremlin is concerned, no longer even anti-fascist, but merely more like a plea for local administrative reforms (whatever it means); 

2) containing and guaranteeing Novorossiya by freezing it as a 1/3 of the "particular areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine," with explicit orders from the Kremlin forbidding not only ANY offensive, but even to respond to the junta's shelling; 

3) by quickly turning on the Russian Spring in the name of "partnership" with the Ukrainian Banderite fascists and oligarchs and by recognizing their regime as legitimate, the Kremlin managed to abort the Russian Spring; even the name Novorossiya is now for the Kremlin taboo;

4) all in all, the Kremlin just made a significant contribution (also with gas and oil subsidies, smuggling of Donbass coal, financing of the junta by the Russian state banks, etc.) to the firm consolidation of the fascist, anti-Russian regime in Ukraine. This has been the main achievement of Putin's or Surkov's protectorate leadership.

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