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Empire's "Mind War," PSYOPS, Satanism, and Homer alias "The Greatest Force for Good"

From Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer’s fumbling beginnings and its ridiculed “magnetism,” the Uranian reset of civilization has greatly progressed, aided with all that modern science, technology, and money can supply, and the “Underworld power” held in Gyges’ ring or the mesmerizing aulos has been both harnessed and unleashed as a psychological Uranian companion of  physical, nuclear energy.  This “earthborn,” Gygean mind power has been weaponized and deployed on Titanically massive scales as evidenced in the seminal strategy paper by Michael Aquino and Paul E. Valley, PSYOP Research & Analysis Team, 7th Psychological Operations Group Headquarters of the United States Army, San Francisco, in 1980.  The paper is entitled “From PSYOP to MindWar: the Psychology of Victory.” As, in his 2003 foreword to the paper, Aquino noted, the paper’s “prescriptions [were in fact] applied during the first Gulf War, and [then] even more obviously during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.” In part, this meant that “extreme PSYOP was directed both against the object of the attack and upon U.S. domestic public perception and opinion” (my emphases).  As Aquino and Valley argue, in today’s global world, instrumental and tactical lies or even brainwashing are no longer enough. Power and control means first and foremost and above all else mind control, and, if mind control, then this means total, universal, global Mind War the object of which is win the world (and control over it) by making the minds of humanity will and desire the same. This means to change reality by producing it, and to produce new reality or a new world means producing new, controllable and controlled minds not only on the part of the designated enemies, but also on the part of the US people, and everywhere else in the world. Power is created in the minds of the people first before it is enacted outside in the world. To this effect, mere “psychological operations” are not enough. A total Mind War is needed “through every available medium.” Such Mind War must strike at soldiers before these even become soldiers. The main theater of this Mind War’s operations ought to be “homes and communities” for that is where people live and these are also “most vulnerable to MindWar.” Through such total Mind War, the will of the state will become “the truth,” which, “if it does not now exist, will be forced into existence by the will of the United States.” This could happen only if this war strategy can establish proper “rapport” with its subjects defined as “unconstrained relations of mutual confidence,” down to “the subliminal” and “the subconscious.” This would established if the the minds so utterly programmed would come to falsely believe that] all their will and decisions are their and made without coercion. Such total control “must not be detectable by ordinary means.”  To this effect, the authors unhesitantly advocate use of electromagnetic radiation, air ionization (“calculation of the ionic balance of a target audience’s atmospheric environment will be correspondingly useful.”), extremely low frequency waves (“connected to both physiological disorders and emotional distortion”), and other methods of invisible, subliminal command and control of the human minds and psyches. etc. so that “humans are more or less disposed” to the will of the new mind warriors. In this respect, the authors believe that mental processes might not be in their natural functional, but merely “deriving as a result of dynamic forces imposed on cell groups by the total field pattern [of the material forces].” As their source Per Dr. L.J. Ravitz, “State-Function, Including Hypnotic States”) indicates, under this Mind War, the state itself is to be endowed with a new strategic function of inducing and organizing a collective “hypnotic state” for the population, whether one’s own or foreign.  

The authors are confident that mass hypnosis and collective mind programming (i.e. hacking, reset, control) can be executed with today’s technology remotely from significant distances (because of the low frequency of such waves).  In his paper, “The Sounds of Silence: On Infrasound and Resonance,” for the Illumin published by the University of Southern California, Sean Stathatos wrote: “One type of infrasound is that which appears to cause fear.  Hearing a sound at a frequency close to 19 Hz can cause people to feel apprehensive and see what they think are ghosts.” Humans cannot hear infrasound and, without other devices, cannot detect other forms of radiation which the Mind War demands. Yet our minds and bodies do respond with specific emotional reactions to specific frequencies.  Numerous studies show that since 1980s sound and wave technology allowed to move from indirect subliminal suggestions to directed inductions via (digital) technology, which allows to craft and induce emotional-trigger mechanisms on massive scales. Thus, in principle, it becomes possible to craft over a distance not only swings in moods and emotions, but possibly even revolutions and unrest and generate these as if “online.” This is no longer a science fiction. For infrasound does have the power to induce directed paranoid aggression and thereafter reward such behavior with physically or chemically prompted pleasure with the resulting crops of “orgasmic-zombies” or industrially made spawns of  new “aulos girls.” 

What the Greeks (or Greek slave masters) might tapped into is what is today’s research building up again, but on a vastly more developed scientific foundation, though the principles of such mind control themselves are not that different from the harmonies and frequencies induced by the aulos so that, as back then, it becomes possible again to control people through music so to speak, but on a whole new level and scale:

According to NASA, the resonant frequency of the human eye is about 18 Hz.  Other studies have determined that every organ and tissue has its own acoustic properties and will resonate at low sound frequencies. (Mahendra)  It is thought that the physical resonance of human organs, particularly the eye, in response to infrasound causes corresponding emotional of anxiety, stress and awe. Now, where will you find this technology in modern applications?  Infrasound has been explored as a potential weapon, and as a medical and therapeutic intervention.    The development of technology for music production and the rise in popularity of electronic music makes it possible to produce infrasound in a highly controlled way, and the emotional impact of music can be augmented by the judicious use of infrasound. (Sean Stathatos)

Sean Stathatos also points out the following:

O’Keeffe and Angliss speculate that sacred music in church, traditionally played on organs which have pipes exceeding seven meters in length, also produces low-bass infrasonic vibration.  This vibration should augment the feeling of awe which sacred music usually evokes.  ... Music and sound have been used for a long time to augment the emotional impact …
To give at least one example, the use of this mind-entrancing technology was used in a popular, though anonymously, yet professionally done video inserted into social networks, “Вы говорите кто такой Путин” (“And you ask who is Putin”).[1] The open, suggestive message is in itself and by itself rather incredible: “Putin was chosen by the people, but really he was chosen and appointed by God himself. Putin stands above us. He was not appointed by us. Putin is a man who is trusted because God gave power into his hands. … If Putin were not the leader, we would be in the mud … He even hid his own daughters. All who think that Putin is just someone hired for a salary should go to Hell [literally into the ass].” The music starts at the end of the first minute of the clip first almost unnoticeably and then begins to grow and eventually becomes dominant while the speaker starts giving urgency to his message, while essentially repeating its message in slightly modified forms: Putin is a vicar of God, he rules on behalf of God who anointed him to be President. Just like the early modern absolute monarchs and other rulers before them.

At the opening of the above mentioned paper, Aquino and Valley  the “laughter that greeted the Italian scientist Spallanzani in 1794 when he suggested that bats navigate in the dark means of what we now call sonar. ‘If they see with their ears, then do they hear with their eyes?’” In this case, it would mean turning humanity into the dead men slaughtered by Odysseus in his wedding “cave” upon return from his wanderings for Homer does describe these men led on a chain or string by Hermes, the guide and carrier of the dead souls, as “bats”—the new denizens of the new darkness in the old Cave once exposed by Socrates in Plato’s Republic:

Hermes of Kyllene summoned the souls of the suitors
to come forth, holding the golden staff,
with which he mazes and drowns the mortals’ eyes
or wakes again the sleepers, herding
them on and leading along the gibbering shades.
as when bats in the deep and awful cave flutter
and gibber, when one of them falls out of his place in the chain,
which the bats form by holding on one another;
so, gibbering, they go and Hermes leads them along down
… unto the meadow of Forgetting, the dwelling
of dead souls, mere images of men. (Odyssey Book XXIV, 1-14)

[1]  “Вы говорите кто такой Путин,” <> Accessed on September 15, 2014.

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