Friday, September 18, 2015

Kremlin's taste is a mindset of oligarchy incorporated: What's in the name?

Russian state new agency manages to frame pro-Minsk, Kremlin's hypnotic prompt in the title of its info, which, for the effect. The reader is told that the DPR and the LPR are "unrecognized." But TASS omits to tell the reader by whom exactly.

The non-recognition is emphasized here by TASS, the Russian state agency, so it is the Russian government itself that wants the reader to have on his mind imprinted first and foremost the idea of non-recognition, but without mentioning the fact that it is the Russian government itself which refuses to recognize the DPR and the LPR or officially even their national liberation struggle as such. Second, TASS and, behind TASS, the Russian government emphasizes that the DPR and the LPR are really "Ukraine's." Here it does not just mean any Ukraine's in general, but today's Ukraine's which happens to be ruled by the Banderite fascist oligarchs. 

The message is: they belong to the fascists and any other belonging of theirs is "unrecognized."
This is deliberate. For in the case of ISIS or IS I have not seen one single instance of Lavrov or Putin or TASS saying "unrecognized IS" ("Islamic State") or "self-declared Islamic State" etc. and even less Iraq's or Syria's "unrecognized Islamic State" (IS). Evidently, in the case of ISIS, the Kremlin does not have a problem "recognizing" and using the name which the fundamentalist terrorists chose for themselves without any dis-qualifiers.

The Kremlin is so adamant to stand up to the West in defense of the Russian interests that it even uses Western vocabulary and terms in which it frames the struggle of the Russian people for their own freedom.

Even in its propaganda the Kremlin thinks and speaks like a slave of the West.

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  1. Vladimir Suchan, I hear you, and it hurts that Putin, ever obsequious to the West, seems to be sabotaging the DPR. But this is the most negative aspect. Hang on to what faith is possible. Zakharchenko is insisting on October 18 elections, in spite of Western pressure, and has issued an ultimatum that the DPR is released from Minsk if Kiev takes steps to join NATO. Unlike Putin and Lavrov, Zakharchenko has never made an idle threat. He exhibits independence from Moscow, despite Surkov's subversive attempts. Indeed, Zakharchenko's life and spirit depend on the future of the Republic. You may have already seen this illuminating video:

    It helped to restore my faith that Zakharchenko's DPR is largely independent of the Kremlin, and may achieve self-determination by outlasting Putin's petty politics. Your tweets and articles are appreciated; you express great empathy for the cause of Novorossiya.