Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The day after: Russians are waking up today and they are scrambling trying to figure out (or deny) what they saw happened with Putin at the UN under the Bloody Moon

While Russia's state media and a reliable constituency of Putin's fans and supporters celebrate dutifully yet another Putin's victory and triumph (without ever touching Putin's recognition of the Nazi rule in Ukraine as legitimate and refusing to recognize them as an anti-Russian fascist regime, etc.), Putin's appearance at the UN, his speech and his whole conduct threw many Russians (judging by their comments on the Internet) into a state of moral, political, and cognitive disarray and disorientation, ranging from (a deja vu of) humiliation to utter desperation. While trying to pacify (neutralize) the now aborted and quarantined anti-fascist, pro-Russian uprising of Donbass on the basis of Minsk, Putin is belatedly increasing Russia's involvement in Syria, opening thus for Russia a second front. This is combined with an economic crisis, which actually started already in 2013 and was preceded by stagnation. On the same day, under the watch of the US "leading from behind," the Taliban seized a 300,000 city of Kunduz sitting almost on the border of Tajikistan, thus signaling that the Taliban is back in full force and opening a new front in Central Asia, while ISIS has already established its presence there as well.

In this situation, many Russians are waking up to a realization of painful helplessness and, when coming face to face with the ever more dawning terrible truth, are pondering whether they just have to hold on to the blind faith to the very end or whether, in the encounter of the brain with the truth, they should turn on the truth, but perhaps first by turning off (or against) the brain itself--just like these very same policies, which brought them to this point turned against the outstanding father of Novorossiya and the Russian Mir in Ukraine, Alexey Mozgovoy, whose name coincidentally also means "the brain" or "man of the brain."

In his political career, Putin has just reached his Rubicon--one can fake so many things only for so long and only for a definitive number of people.

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