Saturday, April 30, 2016

Unveiling the veiling of the oligarchic "Victory" over the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

As before, the Putin regime is trying hard to cover up the Lenin mausoleum for May 9, Victory Day. In doing so, it is notable to everyone with eyes and ears and a live mind that the oligarchic, Vlasov regime of Putin is also trying to use as little as possible the term "Great Patriotic War." As you can see, these words are nowhere to be seen on the facades or wall erected around the mausoleum. Moreover, all Soviet symbolism is also gone. Similarly, the regime tried hard to introduce and place a white star in the place of the Red Star on the tanks and other weaponry. Perhaps quite appropriately (in a perverted sense), for the Cold War was symbolized as a clash between the white star of the US and the red star of communism. The white star won. And Putin's colonial regime is obliging. Nearly in everything, while extracting from Russia and the Russian the last possible tributes and reparations, including extraction of the Russian soul(s) as so poignantly presented in the US dark comedy, Cold Souls (I recommend it--at least to those who do have a taste for more intellectually oriented movies).

The big poster-walls covering the mausoleum do deserve a closer look. The old Soviet past, which was victorious in World War II is presented as black and white. Apparently, the present has a monopoly on colors--the red sky of an evening or dawn on the left, and the blue color of the day, which, however, could also symbolize being submerged in the borderless ocean of globalization and cosmopolitanism. Here the vacuous, blue void also enacts the sense and symbolism of DISSOLUTION. The blue, the color of the "victory" here (where "victory" is printed) also appears as a shade of that blue which defines the project of the EU or, as Gorbachev and even Putin used to exalt it, of "the common space" from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

The word "victory" hides in the right down corner and all the letters are printed with the same letters under the shadow of 9 May which is but a pale copy of itself and is also drowning in the sea of the Poseidonish blue.

Moreover, as some others also noticed, the message is dominated by the curious, strange use of data in the upper right corner: 1945-2016. The emphasis thus moved away from the war and the defeat of fascism to a period dominated by the Cold War AFTER the war--from 1945 onward. In this regard, it then appears that the victory no longer relates to the Great Patriotic War, which, as a term disappeared, but to the following Cold War, which the USSR lost thanks to the well planned and prepared betrayal of the top leadership and the key columns in the KGB. The victory symbolically celebrated is thus the defeat of the USSR and its betrayal in the Cold War between 1945 and 2016! The year of 2016 is thus also presented via crypto symbolism as the date of the penultimate reversal of the victory of 1945.

Hence it is no coincidence that, in this very year, Maria Zakharova declared that Stalin was worse than Hitler for Russia and a Russian "Tatyana" fell for a Nazi officer on Russia's state first TV channel just a month before May 9--on April 10.

In this light, it is also possible to say who are those who have been ardently supporting the Putin cult in the West: there is a portion of the nostalgic ones who projected their hopes and beliefs on the soulless, empty persona of Putin (and his various doubles). The best and most articulates were info professionals borrowed, so to speak, by the other side, who, in doing so, either kept falling off their chairs laughing, while doing so, or getting angry when someone called out their game here and there.

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