Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Yeltsin Center and its symbolism and meaning

The Yeltsin Center built in Ekaterinburg (former Sverdlovsk) at the cost of 7-9 billion rubles (with Putin listed as one of its individual sponsors) is part of a giant complex of 88,000 square feet (with the center itself having 22,500 square feet). Most of this complex belongs to the Yeltsin Foundation. The Yeltsin Center was designed by a US company Ralph Applebaum (

It appears that, given its size, structure, and functionality, the "Yeltsin center" was conceived less than a memorial center and more as a seat of a new, possible east-Siberian government in waiting for the contingency of the implementation of the Brzezinski plan of dividing up Russia similar to the way in which the USSR was destroyed, divided up and carved up. If so then, apparently, at least part of the plan foresees a possibility of some relatively more peaceful zones within the unleashed chaos. 

In this case, the Russian government under Putin and with the help of the US company already used Russian taxpayers money to construct one possible seats of the successor governments, possibly with whole floors already earmarked for U.S. "nation-building" agencies. For clearly, the complex is huge and, as of now, lacking any other apparent function. Presenting it as the Yeltsin memorial center can then serve as a convenient temporary disguise.

Needless to say, besides Moscow, Yekaterinburg has been the most visited city for the US Embassy diplomats, and its mayor has just made rather sharp attacks on Russian patriotism.

You can see that the Yeltsin memorial center, the "palace" to host the spirit of the alcoholic and Russia's destroyer, Yeltsin, in Ekaterinburg is conceived like a huge exploded nuclear reactor. The point is obvious--even in his death, the Yeltsin anti-Russian spirit is to serve as a zero ground or epicenter of nuclear fission that would tear apart the country, thus continuing the work of the political Chernobyl which had been launched by Gorbachev, Yeltsin and company more than thirty years ago. On constructing this black magic, symbolic site Putin's government spent 9 billion rubles. An investment in the demise of Russia.

Here above is a photo from the RT article on the official opening of the Yeltsin center by Putin on November 26, 2015. The photo is not photoshopped. As the photo presents it, the Putin regime and the gathered liberal "elite" of Russia there opened the center consecrated to Yeltsin who liquidated the USSR and destroyed much else under a perfectly fitting and also fittingly vulgar counter-revolutionary slogan projected above the entrance as seen in the photo: "We are against revolutions. We were fuxked by them in the 20th century." The link to the RT original article is here…/323545-yeltsin-memorial-center-opens-…/; the English text chose not to translate the message on the photo.

After visiting a US supermarket back in 1989 as one of the US landmarks during his visit, Boris Yeltsin was ready to sell of his non-existing soul and the still existing Soviet Union, one of the two superpowers at that time. A photo 2015 article from the English Pravda: 

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