Saturday, April 23, 2016

Putin got a new plan for Donbass and it's Poroshenko's plan, which means it is the US plan: OSCE to become the new "police"

Poroshenko declared on April 22 that, in the near time, OSCE in Donbass will become a new "police force," which will be armed and that this is his initiative.  As we know, at his recent press conference, Putin said during his last press conference on April 14 that Poroshenko had this idea and that he supports it.

We also know that OSCE (and Russian acquiescence) helped the junta seize nearly all of the so-called "no-man's zone" or as it was officially called "the buffer zone," for which, if you remember, Lavrov had been fighting especially very valiantly. It is also a common knowledge that OSCE has been helping the fascist junta in many other ways--even accompanying them when their troops were pushing forward their firing positions.

In this way, yet another piece has emerged from what Kerry brought to Putin during his recent visit to Moscow.

Since OSCE is to get arms, the question arises against whom they are supposed to use it or in defense from whom. Once the question is asked and reached the threshold of the mind, the answer emerges as well and, in this case, it is very clear.

According to Putin, Poroshenko's (Bandera-in-chief) proposal to turn OSCE into "a police force" is to serve implementation of the Minsk Agreements. It should also provide for better control of the non-existing ceasefire. In the latter case (with respect to "ceasefire"), OSCE would be hardly a police force, but more a military force, but, clearly, beholden to pulling wool over the eyes of the Russians, both Putin and Poroshenko were at great pains to avoid saying as much. The frog needs to continue to be boiled gradually.  Declaring OSCE as some new sort of "Protection Donbass Force" similar to UNPROFOR and KFOR in Bosnia and Kosovo in the interest of the US and NATO would be still too early at this stage. Remember, Russia back in those days supported creation of both UNPROFOR and KFOR. Lavrov made sure of that as Russia's then representative at the UN Security Council.

However, if OSCE is to perform (also) police duties, then the logical and necessary question is: What policing duties? I.e., policing in the place of whom? The police is an arm of INTERNAL order and its enforcement. If so, then OSCE in its police form would not exactly be suitable for frontlines in between two heavily armed armies. Rather it would be more likely to expect that the ingenious, cunning plan of Putin, if there is such, is not Putin's, but the true masterminders'--planning to install OSCE as the new internal police in the DPR and the LPR, thus effectively putting them in charge of enforcing new (pro-junta; fasicst/Banderas-friendly order) behind the back of the Novorossiya militia AND with the Kremlin's support. This policing, which will further change the system of the republics away from its current oligarcho-mafia one fostered by Surkov in the name of the oligarchic Kremlin, which replaced the budding original form of people's power, toward a dia or triumvirate--the current stooges (Plotnitsky and Zakharchenko), Moscow, and OSCE as a proxy for the West and Kiev on the way of further empowering Kiev and "reintegrating" Donbass into the sadistic fold of the fascist, anti-Russian regime.

This "policing" via OSCE would be especially crucial in staging the several times put-off "elections" which should satisfy Minsk and the intent behind it--"restoring fascist sovereignty" over the whole of Ukraine, as Starikov once said "the whole of Ukraine is needed." But not for the Russians any more.

So, yes, the Kremlin has a plan. It was brought to them by Kerry in his briefcase.

For more than two years now, fascists in Ukraine using the of the state, which they usurped, have been making war on the Russians and Ukraine's Russian soul. And all Putin can say about this is that OSCE should expand and acquire firearms and that he likes this Poroshenko's idea. Who placed this nonentity above the great Russian nation?

Putin confirms that he is adamantly committed to Minsk, as Gorbachev was adamantly committed to the destruction of the system and the country allegiance to which he swore and as adamantly as Yeltsin was committed to the same principle--destruction and degradation of one's own country and its people. This makes a series of three.
During the latest Minsk talks, the fascist junta demanded that the DPR and the LPR cancel their prepared celebrations of V-Day in World War II, i.e., the military parades. We already know that since last Fall, the fasicst regime had effectively exercised thanks to Moscow's position a veto on elections in the DPR and the LPR.

There is a little doubt that Putin would like to oblige the fascists in this too. But he is also concerned with his image, which appears to be diving regardless of the official polls which the Western media playing up to this artificially constructed cult of (non)personality helped to spread without any critical question asked.

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