Sunday, February 14, 2016

Russia 1st Deputy Prime Minister in Davos to the West: We are doing exactly what the West wants us to do and we are absolutely committed to it, messages to the contrary are just to fool the public

These frank words of Russia's 1st Deputy Prime Minister should dispel any remaining illusions about Russia's principled position, its independence or patriotism. His message: we are committed to doing exactly what the West wants from us.

Igor Shuvalov,1st Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, and Kudrin, Putin's longest serving finance minister and open Western stooge, in Davos 2015, both assured the West that Putin himself guarantees that Russia's Central Bank will not be supporting Russia's real sector, industry, and companies. That's "absolutely impossible." Moreover, a law made a year ago ensures that the Central Bank will be absolutely independent of the will of Putin and the Russian government. There will be no capital controls either. Shuvalov: I, Kudryn and Gref made all that was necessary to kill control over foreign exchange. The Russian government will thus ensure that Russia as a state will not and cannot protect its economy or its country. Shuvalov: No matter what is being said publicly in Russia by politicians, the deeds and laws are and remain utterly "liberal."

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